Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna Aircraft Company celebrates over 85 years of aviation success...

In 1911, Clyde Vernon Cessna designed the very first Cessna aircraft; a monoplane constructed of spruce and linen. After his first successful flight on the monoplane, Clyde was nicknamed the “Birdman of Enid” and his spark for manufacturing quality aircrafts was ignited. Sixteen years later in 1927, Cessna Aircraft Company was born; manufacturing unconventional monoplanes without wing braces or struts— a design that now expected as a standard within the industry.

After years of providing excellent customer service, staying committed to its values and its quest for innovation, Cessna has delivered nearly 200,000 aircrafts: 24,000 twin-engine airplanes, 2,000 military jets and 6,500 Citations (the largest fleet of business jet aircrafts in the world). In addition to being a game-changer in aircraft design, Cessna has earned a steadfast reputation through its safety and performance standards for over 85 years. Whether in an office or a factory, Cessna’s team members are driven by the spirit of innovation and passion for aviation. Clyde Cessna’s passion and innovation permeates the company culture at Cessna, with his vision mirrored every day in the work and attitude of Cessna’s dedicated pool of 3,000 employees.

Cessna prides itself on its expertise in engineering and design, its promise of upholding safety standards and it commitment to providing quality aircrafts to its customers. Through an integration of these three company pillars, the organization has dominated the aviation marketplace, with over half of today’s most-used aircrafts being Cessna’s own.

Anywhere and everywhere

Whether you’re in North America, Latin America, Europe or Asia, the philosophy at Cessna is simple: we keep your aircraft flying. With an influential global presence across five continents, this organization has an established infrastructure across international borders and a seasoned leadership team to oversee its expansive empire.

Cessna operates 15 company-owned Citation Service Centers, 39 authorized Citation Service Facilities and more than 300 Cessna-Authorized Propeller Service Facilities. This established network consists of thousands of experts and service engineers offering maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, avionic upgrades, equipment installations, refurbishments and other specialized services. The company also offers its ServiceDirect program, which is a mobile service program where Cessna comes directly to the consumer. ServiceDirect introduces the concept of on-the-go aircraft maintenance, which gives the customer 24/7 access for the life of his or her aircraft.

The organization has also stayed in tune with current technology trends by manufacturing apps for smart devices, in order to enable customers ultimate access and control to their aircrafts. Cessna’s applications include: Cessna Directory (connects to fins service facilities, service engineers and sales representatives), CLCalc (allows quick determination of takeoff and landing weight and CG after entering passengers, cargo and fuel load) and CPCalc (heart of Cessna’s CESNAV package which calculates takeoff and landing data on the go).

A culture of trust

The team behind Cessna’s aviation success is not to go unnoticed. In fact, it is the team at Cessna which accounts for the “culture of trust” that exudes from the organization and has helped the company to retain such a long-term repeat-customer base. There is a reason that Cessna has sold more planes than anyone else in the industry and that reason is because of the people who make them.

From administrative level staff to service engineers to senior management executives, Cessna’s dedicated staff and leadership team all have one thing in common: passion. For Cessna’s team it is about the true mastery of its craft and providing comprehensive services to meet the ongoing needs that come with owning and operating an aircraft.

Two of the main customer service networks from its offered services are: Field Service (which is a global network of experience Citation Engineers dedicated to maintaining operational readiness of any aircraft) and the Citation Hot Line (back-up to the Field Service team; available 24/7 to customers around the world).

The dedication and quality of service that is provided by Cessna’s network of service personnel is unparalleled in the industry, and continuously built a culture of trust between its consumers and its fellow team members. Throughout the duration of aircraft ownership, Cessna customers can count on its Citation Service and Citation parts teams for support with their products from anywhere around the world, at any time.

A sustainable future at Cessna

As Cessna continues to demonstrate its continuous improvement initiatives in terms of its customizable services, its award-winning team and its tangible passion within the aviation industry, the organization keeps environmental responsibility in mind.

In 2010, Cessna was selected as the City of Wichita and the Metro Air Quality Improvement Task Force’s Clean Air and Sustainability Award winner for its efforts to improve air quality and for incorporating sustainability measures into its overall supply chain procedures. Also in 2010, Cessna recycled 2,528 tons of industrial material at its Wichita facilities including:

  • 1,078 tons of wood pallets and crates 
  • 977 tons of aluminum and steel
  • 309 tons of used oil
  • 94 tons of paper
  • 59 tons of cardboard
  • 6 tons of electronic waste
  • 5 tons of batteries

Cessna saves approximately $12,000 annually for its conservation efforts and from embracing energy-conserving vending machines as well.

Moving forward

In terms of what is to come from Cessna Aircraft Company, its valued customers and team members can expect a steadfast commitment to its vision, services and products while ensuring customers that Cessna is a company they can trust. Continuing to work towards a sustainable future and expanding its already expansive global network, Cessna will find new avenues to bring its customizable services to its consumers from locations around the globe.

For an in-depth look into Cessna Aircraft Company, be sure to read the May edition of Manufacturing Digital for an exclusive interview with Julie Miller, Cessna’s Communications Director, on the innermost workings of Cessna’s empire and where the company will be moving forward over the coming year.