CyberPower Systems (Oceania Division)

CyberPower Systems (Oceania Division)

CyberPower Systems: power protection Into the future...

A power surge or interruption can have devastating effects—and power protection product suppliers provide the most important lines of defense against these critical issues. CyberPower Systems is a top tier global power protection vendor supplying uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units, power distribution units (PDUs), surge suppressors, automatic transfer switches, power management software, preventative maintenance, other related services and more to thousands of clients around the world. Since 2009, CyberPower Systems has been finding success in supporting clients across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands through its Oceania division. 

“We have a strategic approach, in regards to having an in-depth understanding of our customers and their problems relating to the power industry,” said Brad Andrews, managing director of CyberPower Systems Oceania.  “We look at how we can provide solutions to the market that are not only addressing these issues, but are looking at the future and adapting to the changes in power technologies to provide best of breed solutions.” 

Keeping up with the march of progress

Technology is a swiftly evolving field, and a business like CyberPower Systems must stay ahead of the latest innovations in order to keep pace with its clients’ requirements. To achieve this, the company takes great care to keep research and development a top priority. 

“We’ve got a dedicated R&D department in Taipei, Taiwan, with over a hundred engineers focused on the research and development of software, engineering, hardware, safety, electronics and quality control,” said Andrews. “With this commitment, we are bringing the highest quality products with the most competitive specifications to market.” 

With its new office and experience centre on the way in Brisbane, CyberPower Systems will be able to invite its returning and prospective clients to immerse themselves in the possibilities and logistics of power technologies on the cutting edge.  

“Along with a new office, with a boardroom and training facilities for our partners, we will also have a customer experience centre where we will demonstrate our products—including UPS systems, power distribution and also the automatic transfer switches—in a live environment with a virtual setup,” said Andrews, explaining the value of clients being able to experience this technology at work up close.

“The virtual environment displays to them an idea of how they would set these units up on site, what applications they would be used for, and how they would address a client’s problems,” he added. “It is also to show an interface of our software, so that clients can actually see how comprehensive our software is and what its different features can do.” 

New trends in technology and power distribution

The role that CyberPower Systems and its products play in the technology sector give the company a unique perspective on upcoming IT trends. This insight allows CyberPower to tailor its own focus to anticipate and cater to the varied needs of its clients. 

“What we see at the moment is quite a migration to the cloud,” said Andrews. “This means that a lot of on-premise equipment will start to go to a data centre—data centres are a very big emerging growth market in our industry right now.” 

From corporations to small home offices, businesses are relying increasingly on data centres for critical information and daily operations. CyberPower Systems has responded to this trend with its latest launch of large 3-phase UPS systems designed specifically for data centres as their capacities increase and their power protection requirements grow more demanding. “We’re seeing some excellent surges in growth with these new systems within the data centre space,” said Andrews. 

Going green in the IT sector

“More and more companies are becoming conscious of green practices and energy saving technologies,” said Andrews. More than 50 per cent of consumers consider “greenness” as a factor when selecting a supplier to partner with, according to a recent research paper from CyberPower Systems, while a full 80 per cent of executives cite green IT as an important subject for their organizations. 

As a vendor that takes pride in its green IT status, CyberPower Systems is fully committed to helping its clients reach their own efficiency and sustainability goals. This is achieved through such practices as research into more sustainable lithium-ion battery options and its patented GreenPower UPS™ Technology, an advanced system designed to create high performing data centre efficiencies while delivering clients up to 75 per cent savings on their energy costs compared to conventional UPS models.  

“The GreenPower UPS™ efficiently bypasses the transformer when utility power is normal,” reads CyberPower’s introduction to the new technology. “As utility power is normal over 88 per cent of the time, the GreenPower UPS™ operates primarily in its cost-reducing bypass mode. As a result, users will enjoy significant energy cost savings with the adoption of GreenPower UPS™ Technology.” 
CyberPower Systems also pays attention to sustainability throughout the life cycle of its products, offering clients discounts and one-stop-shop solutions for replacing UPS systems and batteries while disposing of older models in a local and eco-conscious way. “Other green features we have are packaging and components that take into account best principles and practices in green IT, and making sure that wherever we can we’re using materials that are going to be renewable and environmentally friendly,” said Andrews. “All the way through our manufacturing process, we have a keen eye on the green side of IT and manufacturing.” 

CyberPower Systems: present and future

The traits that set CyberPower Systems apart from its competition are the same as those that help CyberPower Systems maintain strong relationships with its client base year after year. “I think we have a very thorough understanding of our customers’ needs,” said Andrews. “We are a smart dynamic adaptive company that listens to its customers and then delivers on its promises—we do that very well.” 

Those traits also promise to help carry CyberPower Systems forward into the future as it continues to build on its portfolio, ramp up marketing to bring its support to new regions, and develop its network of trusted partners to provide true end-to-end turnkey solutions to its clients.

 “We’re in an ever changing market,” said Andrews. “It’s very exciting times now.” 

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