Grupo Gondi S.A de C.V.

Grupo Gondi S.A de C.V.

Grupo Gondi is a leader in the paper and packaging industry in Mexico...

Grupo Gondi is a private Mexican organization leading the paper and packaging industry, which offers a variety of products and services in the market.

The firm has seven companies and a workforce of 4.012 employees. Since its inception, Grupo Gondi has had a multi-facilities approach and offers its customers integrated solutions, especially in the production of paper, corrugated boxes, pre-printed and solid fiber boxes, folding cardboard, flexible labels, as well as support services within the process.

Grupo Gondi is vertically integrated from paper manufacturing with 100 percent recycled fiber to packaging printing, including engraving and inks (water based), which contribute to the production of a final sustainable product.


Grupo Gondi began operations in 1954 as a packaging manufacturer for Grupo Modelo; however, through the years the firm entered other markets, opening new factories, acquiring other companies, and expanding its operations across the country. Currently, in addition to Grupo Modelo, the group serves important clients such as P&G, Kimberly Clark, Grupo Lala, Alpura, Danone, Casa Cuervo, Laboratorios Pisa, Baxter, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Colgate and many others.

In order to offer different and innovative options to its customers, Grupo Gondi has invested in R&D (Research and Development) and constantly conducts studies about the entire value chain and distribution; today the packaging has evolved from being a simple container to being a seller. "We are a company with a vision to be the best packaging choice in Mexico," says Eduardo Posada, CEO of Grupo Gondi. Today, clients look for lighter, sustainable and recyclable packaging with the ability not only to contain and transport the product but also to sell the image. "When a printed box looks good consumers will be interested in the product inside; that‘s why we care about having a high level of quality in our packaging and making very good impressions," says Posada.


For Posada, an economist from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) with over 21 years of experience has faced big challenges to continue to grow the company through the macroeconomic cycles. Since its inception, Grupo Gondi has had the ability to give results because the company constantly meets deadlines. “We faced economic cycles with agility in implementing new business strategies, innovation and taking great care of costs. We are a financially solid company with its shareholders support,” says Posada.

Additionally, Grupo Gondi has faced the challenge of being the best choice for any enterprise that requires packing and packaging in the country, becoming the fastest growing company in Mexico’s market in recent years. Gondi boxes transport its customers’ products in more than 185 countries worldwide.


Grupo Gondi’s corporate culture is based on the values ​​that shape their organizational philosophy and guides the behavior of the labor force that for years has formed the company. The firm has an intensive campaign to ensure industrial safety of its employees in the factories.

As an important part of its strategies, Grupo Gondi’s human capital has been refined to have the skills necessary to achieve the company’s goals. They offer training schemes in the facilities closely aligned with the strategic objectives and operational indicators. "Grupo Gondi ensures continuous training of its workforce and makes sure that they understand not only the critical performance indicators but also the vision or dream of the Group," says Posada. "Our challenge is to improve every day and assemble the best team in the Mexican industry."


Grupo Gondi is a sustainable integrated company in all areas with a strong commitment to the environment. The firm complies not only with the standards in Mexico, but also with a high sense of social responsibility. This has led to significant industry awards and certifications such as: Industria Limpia, Empresa Segura, Eco-etiqueta Mariposa Monarca, FSC, and Cedex, among others. Since Grupo Gondi handles 100 percent recycled fibers, the firm remains attentive to the processes involved in the recycling system seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its products. It is important to note that the recycled cardboard is the material that emits less CO2, "a kilo of cardboard generates 0.26 m3 of CO2, while for every kilo of plastic generates 2.7 m3," says Posada.


Grupo Gondi is the first company in Mexico to have the most high-end technology in pre-press and pre-impression. To maintain this leadership, the company constantly invests in technology and innovation focused on two areas: paper mills for medium liners, white liner and coated paperboard. In the last five years, Grupo Gondi has invested more than US$200 million in equipment and technology. "This year we are investing in Europe to bring new lines of pre-printing with eight colors plus varnish at high speed, and an excellent print quality and high operational efficiency," says Posada.

To stay ahead, Grupo Gondi is present in the most important technology fairs that represent the leading providers in the industry. Also, being a major equipment consumer, Grupo Gondi has specialized people responsible within the group to oversee what technology is coming to the market and what best suits the company’s goals.

Among the most recent investments, Grupo Gondi installed an innovative line of dry film laminated preprinted paper this month, allowing reducing the weight of packaging for consumer goods, personal care, beverages and spirits. "We are always bringing innovative products to the company," says the executive.  


For Posada, the recycled paperboard industry has great growth potential. According to the entrepreneur, in Mexico the average level of GDP per capita has grown increasingly, generating a rise in cardboard consumption per capita, as people consume more products. "When a country is developing there is constant movement as is the case for Mexico," he concludes.