Indurama: Pioneering Vision in the Creation of Appliances...

Written by Mateo Rafael Tablado - Produced by Diego Pesantez

Interviewee Juan Pablo Vela, CEO of Indurama


Creating Prestige and Innovation for Today’s Home

     Indurama has a history of more than 40 years of prestige and has been catalogued as a representative company of the city of Cuenca. The manufacturing company has engaged primarily in the production of kitchen and refrigeration systems in their two manufacturing plants in Ecuador.

     Their specific objectives are expanding Indurama’s brand in Latin America, consolidating their products and increasing their supply.


Balancing Technology and Human Resources

     One of the biggest and most consistent areas the company invests is the renewal and development of their technology in its many departments, such as automation to increase plant productivity without interfering with their employees capabilities, which allows them flexibility and dynamism by rapidly responding to the market and consumer needs.

      "We always maintain a strong focus and distinction with a high design component in our products. Therefore it is important to have that flexibility," Vela said.


The Human Element

     "My greatest satisfaction is having people with lots of leadership and lots of excellence. This comes from shareholders that transmit these values," says Vela, who emphasized the individual and collective values ​​of every person working in Indurama.“Because if there is a constant in business, is that you will always have new challenges; face them and learn from it to achieve results.”  


Strategic Management for the Future

     Nowadays, Indurama processing plants supply almost one million units to fulfill the market needs, being kitchens and domestic refrigeration products their most popular orders.

      As a leading brand in Latin America, the company seeks to consolidate its operations in the region through the gradual expansion of new products in its portfolio. They’re trying to achieve that by manufacturing more air conditioners, televisions, washing machines and other household equipment.


Developing Suppliers

     Another key tool for the position and branding of Indurama throughout the continent is their relationship with suppliers. These strategic alliances are generating new designs, materials and products, and make it possible for the company to establish strong distribution networks and strengthen brand presence with post-sales services.

     "This has allowed Indurama to grow in quality, design and services, benefiting our customers and suppliers," Vela said.


Environmental Impact Initiatives

     One of Indurama’s most successful projects is currently carried out in partnership with ONUDI (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and the Ecuadorian government to reduce polyurethane emissions in favor of cyclopentane, which is friendlier to the ozone layer. The company is also  implementing the more environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R600.

      In addition to these programs, Indurama is constantly working on obtaining the compliance certification of global standards.

      "We are a low-impact company in regards to the environment and we are always looking to improve in this area," Vela said.


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