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Narellan Pools has been Australian made and Australian owned for over 40 years; however, the company’s growth and expansion plans are limitless.

An enterprise that has been in the fibreglass glass swimming pool sales and installation sector since 1971, Narellan Pools has grown into a leader in the industry. Due to its proficiency in manufacturing, construction, sales, quality and innovative approach, Narellan Pools are desired in markets all over the world.

“We’re continually designing, manufacturing and releasing new products,” said Narellan Pools COO Peter Baily. “We think we’ve got a swimming pool that will suit any of our potential clients’ needs.”

Global takeover

Narellan Pools has developed into an iconic in-ground fibreglass swimming pool enterprise, and is looking for more franchisees to complete its roll-out across Australia.  They are also expanding their international operations now with a permanent presence in North America and other markets being assessed for potential.

“The way in which we will grow in various markets around the world will differ based on market dynamics,” said Baily. “Some of those will be through wholly own subsidiaries and some will be through partnering with others locally.”

At the moment, Narellan Pools has hit a tipping point, as it has already achieved some exciting growth across all business channels.

Meeting the customer’s needs

Installing a swimming pool into a backyard is a complex process. From the colour of the pool shell to the various layers used, Baily believes Narellan Pools produces the best quality due to the materials used and how they’re applied. Not only are the pools designed to look good, but are also built for supreme strength and durability.

Narellan Pools has introduced several new pool designs to the market in the past year, including three new pool ranges.

“For every pool you make, you have to create a mold of it,” Baily said. “Also, when you put a range out, it’s not just one size. It’s for all sizes, and we manufacture all of them at our production facilities. It’s a significant investment.”

Its new Panama lap pool that is 2.5 metres wide is built for exercise and fits conveniently in smaller backyards, while the new Grandeur pool is 4.2 metres wide for luxury backyards, and is enhanced by its large, elegant staircase entry.

From a manufacturing point of view, Narellan Pools has received ISO 9001 certification, which is the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems (QMS). It is the most widely used QMS standard in the world, with more than 1.1 million certificates issued to organisations in 178 countries.

“The range of pool designs, colours, shapes and sizes is the best in the industry,” said Baily. “There’s a real focus on quality in everything we do.”

Growth underpinned by innovation and quality

According to Baily, Narellan Pools separates itself from the competition through its innovative products as well as its focus on quality in its products, systems and people.

Therefore, there is a major emphasis on bringing the right people onboard to sell and install pools.

“When you put a pool in your backyard, it’s a big investment and it’s a significant disruption to your property,” said Baily. “We take potential clients through our process so they can be confident that they will be serviced well and looked after, not only during the installation process, but into the future as well.

With its head office in Sydney, Narellan Pools manufactures in Picton, just south of Sydney, and at Yatala in Queensland, with stock yards in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Since the product is difficult to transport due to its large size, Narellan Pools uses a racking system to export stacks of pools around the world.

While it’s not an easy process, Narellan Pools has perfected it over the years.

Now, the company’s primary focus is shifting to establishing and setting up new manufacturing facilities across the globe as opposed to exporting pools.

“It just easier in the long term,” said Baily. “When a market gets to a certain size, it just makes sense to start manufacturing as opposed to exporting. We can get closer to the client, we can move faster and we can potentially save some money along the way.”

Investing in people

Narellan Pools puts a big emphasis on high-performance teams and environments. A major area of investment for Narellan Pools is the expansion of its team.

“It’s ensuring we’ve got the team that is able to reach our growth aspirations,” said Baily.

At its core, Narellan Pools has a desire to make a difference through giving back to the communities in which it operates, both in Australia and internationally.

Narellan Pools’ roots are as a family owned enterprise; under Baily’s leadership the company has transitioned into a thriving mature business with a global focus.,

“It’s a very exciting time for people to be involved with the business,” said Baily. “We’re having those sorts of conversations with new employees when we bring them in. There’s an opportunity to develop the brand in the rest of the world, and potentially spend time overseas to be part of that growth.”

As part of a franchise channel, Narellan Pools has a very comprehensive training program for employees and ongoing training for the entire franchise network.  An established brand, Narellan Pools not only comes with recognition in the marketplace; it is backed by great leadership, strong operating systems, successful franchisees and powerful marketing.

“When it comes to training for employees, we look at a development plan for each individual that fits the needs of themselves and the business,” said Baily. “We look at an arrangement based on where their potential lies.”

More pools for the future

Narellan Pools’ future plan for expansion is centred around the company’s growth in Australia and across the globe. Western Australia is a target domestic market, while the company intends to build on its thriving businesses in New Zealand and Canada as well.

Narellan Pools gathers its facility managers each month to discuss the industry, what needs to be improved, the changes the company is on the verge of making as well as new products on the horizon.

“Our franchise inquiries are at an all-time high,” said Baily. “We’re confident within the next couple years that we will fill all remaining territories across Australia. The future is bright for the business and it is the perfect time for people who want to build a great business to join the brand. ” 

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