PWO de Mexico

PWO de Mexico

PWO de Mexico: Capitalizing on the German Tradition in Automobile Component Manufacturing to Serve Mexico...

Present Day Operations in Mexico

Mexico is looking to be one of the major auto manufacturers. A significant growth in auto manufacturing is projected to take place in the country as a result of global brands arriving and setting up shop. As a result, demand for the specialized auto components that PWO makes is about to explode. PWO has already taken measures to prepare for the challenge but continues to make upgrades to avoid any surprises.

PWO has a new production and logistics plant covering an area of 3,000 square meters in Puebla, Mexico. This space allows for the combining of production and shipping processes as well as sustaining the expected growth in volume. The factory includes office space for production-related activities.

Technology and Innovations

Along with developing vast knowledge about how to make mechanical components for electric systems, security components for air bags and seats and system solutions for car frames and chassis, it developed new and innovative processes. PWO Mexico has achieved this by working closely with its clients and providers.

“We know that without them [suppliers] we cannot grow because the demands and quality of the market are very high,” said Mr. Roman.

The knowledge gathered from the manufacture of components has a vast array of other practical applications. For example, measurements can be taken of a component’s resistance to test installations within a system. It’s also useful to program the control mechanisms of the CNC machines used to build tools and prototypes.

Capitalizing on PWO-AG’s 90-year tradition in building metal components, PWO Mexico is an heir to top manufacturing, forming, connection, assembly, surface and testing technologies.

In manufacturing, PWO Mexico utilizes precision, forming and connection technologies to perform many processes, like stamping, MIG soldering and structural bonding, among many others. It also has access to automated assembly technology.

The centerpiece of its forming technology arm is a group of more than forty presses and automatic stamping and punching machines which operate at between 600kN and 12,000Kn. PWO Mexico works with university departments and partners in the machine construction industry to improve its forming processes.

PWO Mexico has access to an impressive wealth of knowledge in welding, riveting and pressure joining technology. To join aluminum and stainless steel it uses automatic laser and automatic soldering technology.

The company’s aim when using assembly technology is to strike a balance between automation and flexibility. To work towards this goal, PWO Mexico designs its own systems and develops them together with its partners in the plant and machine engineering industry. Just as it capitalizes on the knowledge of highly qualified partners in the development of assembly technologies, PWO Mexico practices the same diligence as it works in partnership to develop surface technologies. It has access to machines dedicated to degreasing, barrel finishing and hardening.

The business of assembling components is highly demanding and requires well thought out solutions. To assemble components of the highest quality possible PWO Mexico has developed its own testing technologies. The integrity of its tests assures the integrity of its assembly processes, helping it build components with their proper dimensions. In addition to its great variety of measuring tools, PWO Mexico also uses its own opto-electronic methods for testing. Finally, the company deploys cameras equipped with analysis software to evaluate the precision of its machines. 

“Through the work of our engineering and development departments, we are trying to create an added value in our products that we can then pass on to our clients. [We do this by] proposing new designs and products so they can have an increased added value and we can be participants in that growth,” said the CEO.

Exportation and Internationalization

While PWO Mexico prepares itself for the future on Mexican soil, it also works hard to open new export markets. Currently, it exports to Brazil and the United States and, along with strategic partners, they are strategizing an increase in percentage of exports to these same nations.  

   “Although our quality it’s already high, at PWO the company strives to deliver greater added value to our consumers," Roman said.

Products and services

The company practices accuracy in its processes to create a greater sense of pleasure while driving. It encourages technological innovation to achieve a greater degree of comfort inside of a vehicle. It works towards technological excellence to reach the highest possible grade of protection for the auto driver.

The average automobile component manufacturer faces a variety of challenges.

There are variables like the aerodynamic design of the car as well the yearly tendency for components and systems to take up more and more space. Nevertheless, PWO Mexico faces these challenges with great success. It relies on its own design capabilities as well as the latest manufacturing processes to build excellent components capable of adapting themselves to the car’s body. An example of this ability is the thermal shield. These are linings especially designed to protect against the sun and reduce noise. This is greater pleasure while driving.

When a consumer looks at a car he may think that it only has one engine, the engine that turns gasoline into energy to move the car. The reality is very different. Since the modern automobile is designed and manufactured with more and more electric systems to power its different components, it is full of small motors. It follows that these motors come with their own subcomponents like axles, magnets and bearings. PWO Mexico is responsible for creating the housing, or the frames, for all of the motors and their subcomponents. Some examples of motor-powered components in a car are power windows, brakes, and steering. These motors need to last year after year. Its enemies are the sun and the radiation that can be emitted from other components. Housings made by PWO Mexico achieve the protection of a motor for years because its metal frames are built under the highest possible standards. The proper functioning of convenient functions like power windows and locks is greater comfort.

The seat is one of the most important components of a vehicle. It’s the place from where we operate the car. It’s where we rest comfortably, or uncomfortably, depending on the seat’s design. Two sets of criteria determine how well an automobile seat will perform. First, it needs to be equipped with an adjustment system capable of fulfilling the needs and demands of the passenger. Second, and definitely most important, the seat needs to be equipped with a safety mechanism. PWO México designs security and adjustment components using the best raw materials and latest processes.

The proper functioning of the airbags can be a matter of life and death and must be equipped with a high quality accumulator. PWO Mexico has a long track record of making accumulators and other air bag components. Even the most insignificant component that we develop must be perfect before it’s installed in a car.

PWO Mexico employs a safety process to reduce the probability of error as close to zero as possible. To start, it has the equipment and expertise to develop its own sample tools and prototypes. It owns the most advanced CNC machines. It also has teams of CNC machine operators with years and years of experience.

Corporate Responsibility and Leadership

In addition to following all the local laws related to the environment and sustainability, PWO Mexico—which has an ISO 14001 certification—fosters care for the environment. It does this through its project “Plant a Tree” in which workers are active participants.

By 2016, PWO Mexico wants to be an “inclusive company where it will reach out to vulnerable populations to arrange for their inclusion into its workforce. Finally, PWO deploys a rigorous control of chemicals and substances that may harm the environment.

“PWO Mexico has been a great personal satisfaction. It’s a company with a very special profile which has clearly-defined values and goals. It fills me with pride to lead such a well-dedicated, high-performance team, commitment and with the ability to propose creative solutions. And it’s because these are the conditions that have allowed for a greater customer satisfaction,” finished Roman.

Growth Prospects

PWO Mexico continues offering added value to its clients with the production of new products. Simultaneously, it satisfies its social responsibility in different ways.

For the rest of the year, PWO Mexico plans to increase its general performance, showing that its strategy is to improve by increments.

"PWO Mexico is oriented to continuous improvement; with this philosophy our team works hard to improve keyword or KPI,” stated Edgardo Roman, CEO of PWO Mexico.

Roman remarked that from the beginning of operations in Mexico, in 2008, PWO has made major investments to reach its quality and client satisfaction standards. State of the art equipment has been bought and the logistical hub has been expanded. All of this has been done with the aim of improving the efficiency of the logistics, supply and production chains.

Mexico expects a 25 percent growth in automobile production, which is why PWO Mexico expects to grow parallel with these new demands. New OEMs, or Original Equipment Manufacturers, are also arriving, including Mazda, BMW, Daimler and more. Likewise PWO prepares to launch new production lines along these brands. 

Using its equipment, work force and quality control system, PWO Mexico manufactures samples and innovative prototypes, which is how they will expand their product portfolio with current clients in 2016.