Integral solutions for automotive and truck components...

SISAMEX CEO Manuel Valdes revealed, in an interview, the company's efforts to maintain their leadership in auto parts manufacturing, top-level performance in every procedure and his vision for the next five years. From a perspective of social responsibility, SISAMEX’s goals will positively impact Mexico because community programs will be created and there will be growth in the auto industry among contributing enterprises, suppliers and workers.

            Valdes, a mechanical engineer, is also a directive with more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has worked for Meritor and became CEO of SISAMEX in January 2011.

            "I've proudly witnessed SISAMEX's development during the last 25 years from a midsized company into a large, leading enterprise. I'm most proud of contributing to this evolution and building SISAMEX's prestige. However, I admit there's still room for development," Valdes said.


Organized Logistics and Procedures

The SISAMEX production system is comprised of lean manufacturing principles, compliance with standards and safety measures and quality control. Other key factors are the optimized management of human resources, sharing values between administrative staff and plant employees, organizational strategy and timely planning for integral development.

            Research & Development for Innovation and Technology, Sustainability and Quality and Managerial Excellence departments have been developed, in addition to production and management at SISAMEX, to maintain its leadership within the industry.

            "SISAMEX considers constant innovation within manufacturing procedures so we can offer our clients competitive, avant-garde products derived from different, custom-designed processes developed in our Human and Technological Development Center; a department which supports our status as leaders in product and system delivery," commented Valdes.

   The company provides integrated solutions for the local automotive industry, by manufacturing axles, brakes and assemblies for trucks and tractors Class 5-8, and vehicles for agricultural use. Over 80 percent of its production is intended for vehicles that are exported.

            "We have diversified our product line and clientele. We try to export our products to different places worldwide. Our products are already being exported to North America and Germany. We keep searching for markets where our clients could benefit from our components and systems," added Valdes.

World-Class Quality

As a global manufacturing company, SISAMEX works under a Zero Defects program, in compliance with clean industry standards and with the sector's best practices.

            "We rely on our skills and capabilities being enhanced by scientific and tech developments to achieve differentiation and to supply comprehensive solutions through unique procedures," the executive proudly stated.

            The company's commitment to global quality has been recipient of awards, certifications and accolades such as the Master of Quality Award, the Paccar Quality Prize, a distinctive H from Mexico's tourism board, OHSAS 18001 health and workplace safety standards and ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, among others.

Green Technology

SISAMEX's procedures follow strict guidelines for manufacturing and to supply clients’ top quality components for vehicles without any significant impact on the environment. One of their programs has reduced power consumption in production facilities. The company also developed a Kaizen program for continuous improvement by organizing and clearing production lines. Automation of the plants' cooling stations reduces greenhouse-effect emissions.

            "Our sustainability is based on three main points: an appropriate use of our resources, a constant reduction in polluting elements, and raising awareness among our staff about adequate resource management and avoiding unnecessary waste," Valdes pointed out.


In accordance with their quality policies, SISAMEX demands the same quality control policies from their suppliers and materials. The company awards a Supplier's Excellence recognition at years' end based on timely deliveries, PPM defects and rejected goods.

            "We have logged a very good record of alliances with our suppliers overall. We consider them strategic partners helping us to fulfill our goals. After purchasing anywhere in the world, somehow we search for supplies nearest to us. And they have followed suit by opening distribution centers in Monterrey and Mexico," explained Valdes.


Engagement with the Community

As a socially responsible company, SISAMEX's involvement in the country's development goes beyond industrial and business activities. It also engages employees offering courses on human development, family values, culture and care for the environment.

            The company has received recognition from CEMEFI, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, for its sustainability model and programs for outreach to the community. SISAMEX has also been certified by PROFEPA, the Federal Bureau for Environment Protection, as a clean enterprise. Some of the company's most important programs are:

1.         Education promoters: SISAMEX has sponsored 27 students for high school and college completion.

2.         Environmental, fitness and health programs: Health Week, Environment and Energy Awareness Program, foot racing for benefits, breast cancer awareness seminars, soccer tournaments and so forth.

3.         Community outreach programs: pre-Christmas celebrations, Mother's Day, Women's Day, Children's Day, Christmas toy giveaways, support for the local DIF—the National System for Holistic Family Development—and natural disaster aid.

The Next Five Years for SISAMEX

Valdes added that even though plans are revised and updated yearly, the company already has growth projections for the next decade within the domestic and global markets: "Our plan for the next five years is to keep working with excellent standards in manufacture, cutting-edge technology and developing our sustainability with the best ways to optimize how we use our resources."