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Tech Blend Celebrates 15th Anniversary...

Tech Blend, a manufacturing company based in Quebec, has specialized in customized carbon black concentrates for the plastics industry since its establishment in 1999.  Tech Blend combines different types of carbon black concentrate with various polyolefin-based resins to produce a new, more durable plastic product that is protected from UV radiation - This preserves the life of the product and lowers the level of plastic consumption over time.


“The role of the carbon black is to extend the life of the product.  It is one of the most cost effective chemicals to protect plastic products against the sun’s radiation,” states Manouk Djoukhadjian, president and CEO of Tech Blend.


This year, the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary and Djoukhadjian is excited for the future.  He discusses how the company has sustained its success over the years and what the goals are moving forward.


15 Years of Success

With his Engineering degree and over 30 years of business management experience, Djoukhadjian had a vision for the company when he became a Tech Blend shareholder in 2006.  He had done some research on Tech Blend and wanted to see it grow financially while simultaneously developing a unique business strategy.


“As we developed the business strategy we had to recalibrate the business.  We have maintained our main strategy with periodic changes and we’re working to continue to do that.  Our current strategy is successful so we continue to use it and modify it as needed,” he explains.


Constantly working towards continuous improvement, Tech Blend has re-focused its business strategy over the past 15 years so that the company is prepared to easily adapt to any circumstance that may arise in the work place.


For example, Djoukhadjian explains, “We have developed a culture that ensures that if a problem or issue occurs more than once, it has to be eliminated and resolved.  We need to find a solution to it.  This could involve planning, scheduling or maintenance.  It’s a business strategy that was developed about six years ago has shown to be effective and successful.”


Achieving Organic Growth

While many companies aim for strategic acquisitions, looking forward, Tech Blend is focusing on organic growth within its industry.  Djoukhadjian believes the company’s number one current strategic business goal is to grow organically in active markets rather than achieving vertical integration.


To attain this goal, Tech Blend is developing its business to utilize recycled resin, which differentiates it from other companies in the industry. The company offers an economic choice to clients while still providing the most cost effective and durable product. 


“We are a major user of recycled resin. This has been beneficial because it has taught us to develop the technology and the knowledge to use recycled resin to convert something that is re-used, and at a lower value, to make a functional product,” says Djoukhadjian.


Additionally, Tech Blend is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ensures the highest quality and stability of every product while providing excellent customer service at the same time.  The staff is committed to customer service and strives to deliver the finest concentrates.  Recently, the company even built a new distribution center which has enabled the company to serve the industry more efficiently and effectively.


Tech Blend has certainly demonstrated its success over the past 15 years, most notably through tremendous company growth and their constantly evolving business plan suggests that Tech Blend can look forward to continued success in the industry.

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