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Dollarama's history traces back to 1992 when Larry Rossy, a Canadian entrepreneur and third-generation retailer, opened its first store in Matane, Quebec. It was a relatively new concept for Canada; with products being offered at $1 or less to consumers, but it was clear after a couple of weeks, how successful the concept was. In 2009, Dollarama introduced products at three additional price levels: $1.25, $1.50, and $2 and became a publicly listed company on the TSX. By 2015, Dollarama had opened its 1000th store and in 2019, Dollarama acquired a 50.1% interest in Latin American value retailer, Dollarcity, following a six-year commercial collaboration. Today, Dollarama boasts more than 1,500 stores across Canada under the leadership of fourth-generation retailer, Neil Rossy. With the primary goal of providing customers with a consistent and enticing shopping experience at the best relative value in the country. Dollarama offers a wide array of general merchandise, consumables, and seasonal products, and in recent years, has moved towards a more digital future, in order to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Nicolas Hien

Chief Information Officer at Dollarama

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