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At EXL, our collaboration is built on ongoing listening and learning, to adapt our methodologies. We're a business evolution partner for our clients —tailoring solutions that make the most of data to make better business decisions and drive more intelligence into increasingly digital operations. Whether our clients’ goals are scaling the use of AI and digital, redesigning operating models, or driving better and faster decisions, we partner with them to help gain—and maintain—competitive advantage with efficient, sustainable models at scale. Our expertise in transformation, data science, and change management helps make businesses more efficient and effective, improves customer relationships and enhances revenue growth. We take a deeper look at the end to end customer journeys and integrate strategies with a commitment to impact. We use our specialisation in analytics, digital interventions, and operations management—alongside deep industry expertise — to deliver solutions that help our clients outperform the competition.

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Saurabh Mittal

Vice President

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