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Neterra is a global telecom service provider headquartered in the European Union – Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is driven to invent and implement innovative solutions and technologies for faster, more efficient, reliable, direct, and secure connections around the world. 

With its 26 years of history and telecom experience, Neterra partners with the world's largest companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses, providing international connectivity, data centre, managed network services, and security services. 

Neterra is listed as a key data centre investor in Central and Eastern Europe. The overall customer satisfaction index (CSAT) of its clients is 88%, which is a record value for the telecommunications sector, and 71% of Neterra customers would recommend their services to colleagues or business partners (Net Promoter Score), which puts the company in the top 1% of the best telecoms globally.

Neterra's portfolio of service includes:

  • Fully managed fast and secure Internet access with 24/7 support - DIA, BIA, global connectivity, and infrastructure
  • Data centre services served from its own 4 Tier 3 data centres (Sofia Data Centres)
  • Managed IT Services, dedicated servers, and flexible cloud services (Neterra.Cloud)
  • DDoS Security
  • Global Internet Exchange Platform via NetIX
  • Satellite services - Sofia and Thracia Teleport
  • IPTV and audio-video content distribution platform (Neterra.TV)

GPS Vehicle tracking system (Netfleet)

Executives in Neterra

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Chris Harper

Chief Commercial Officer

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Nikolay Chakinski

Product manager Colocation

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