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OSM Thome, formed in 2023 through the merger of OSM Maritime Group and Thome Group, embodies a legacy of maritime excellence. OSM Maritime Group, established by Bjørn Tore Larsen in Arendal, Norway, in 1989, and Thome Group, founded in Singapore in 1963, joined forces under the leadership of Olav Eek Thorstensen in 1977.


With a workforce of approximately 31,000 individuals both at sea and onshore and a presence in over 30 locations worldwide, OSM Thome manages a fleet of around 1000 vessels, serving as a global leader in ship and crew management services.


The company's offerings extend beyond ship management to encompass a comprehensive suite of marine services, including OSERV Catering, New Building Supervision, Dry Docking, Ship Repair and Maintenance, Port Agency Services, Maritime Insurance, Medical Services, and Aegir Global Travel Services.


OSM Thome places utmost importance on customer satisfaction, working collaboratively with clients and partners to ensure their success around the clock. The company attributes its outstanding services to its dedicated workforce, fostering a strong team spirit that drives both onshore and offshore operations to deliver superior performance.

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