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Turner Mining Group

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Turner Mining Group is a full-service provider to the mining sector with operations throughout the United States. A people company performing mining services, Turner finds success with turnkey solutions for enterprise clients and a values-based culture. Founded in 2017, Keaton Turner envisioned a new future  for contract mining. Having grown up in the mining world, Keaton knew that a people-focused nationwide contractor could revolutionise the industry. 

The team boasts experienced mining professionals who offer a comprehensive range of mining services across North America. Distinctly dedicated to the mining sector, Turner Mining Group is 100% focused on mining-related operations. This commitment is evident in its full-spectrum offerings, ranging from the east coast to the west, making them a vital player in the North American mining landscape. Turner Mining Group partners with some of the largest cement, aggregate, and specialty minerals companies in the United States, providing superior service and flexibility.

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Keaton Turner

President and CEO

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