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Chad Wilkerson

Director, Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourcing at T-Mobile

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A recognised figure within the sustainability field, Chad Wilkerson blends over two decades of industry experience with a compelling vision for the future. Serving as the Director of Sustainability and Infrastructure Sourcing at T-Mobile America, Chad has cultivated a unique specialism within the telecoms sector, negotiating the complex terrain of energy markets, procurement, and transformative sustainable strategies. His contributions were recognised within the industry, with Mobile magazine listing him as one of 2021’s "Top 10 Sustainability Leaders in the Telecoms Industry."


Under Chad's leadership, T-Mobile carved out a bold path, securing their position as the first and exclusive US wireless provider to formulate—and, by close of 2021, fully realise—an aggressive strategy to power their total electricity usage through renewable energy. Beyond this, Chad's drive to make a tangible, positive difference to both our environment and our society has been a constant throughout his career. In meeting T-Mobile's robust enterprise-wide sustainability targets and carefully tending to the needs of the company's internal and external customers, Chad continually underscores the centrality of these commitments.


However, Chad's expertise isn't just limited to sustainability. He also has considerable experience in areas such as supplier diversity, cost management, and the actualisation of strategic business initiatives via thoughtful process improvements. Chad Wilkerson remains a figure of influence, guiding T-Mobile's powerful commitments to sustainability, while simultaneously optimising business operations. His ability to integrate sustainability objectives into business strategy is a testament to his holistic approach and underlines his significant contribution to the telecoms sector.