New Deb Group range is combatting occupational skin issues in the industrial sector

By Nell Walker
Deb Group has launched its new Deb Stoko® range; the broadest range of products designed specifically for occupational skin care across a variety of...

Deb Group has launched its new Deb Stoko® range; the broadest range of products designed specifically for occupational skin care across a variety of industrial environments.

The portfolio of Deb Stoko® pre-work creams, hand cleansers and after-work restore creams have been formulated to minimise the risks of skin disease and stress that are common in the workplace.

From manufacturing and engineering to utilities, transportation and warehousing, employees in industrial environments are exposed to a wide variety of skin irritants that result from difficult working conditions. This can lead to visible skin problems ranging from sore, chapped skin through to serious instances of occupational dermatitis.

In the worst cases, occupational skin conditions may force employees to be absent from work, hampering a workforce’s productivity and increasing costs. For the employee, the consequences of contracting skin conditions can be damaging on an individual level, both in terms of lost income resulting from a prolonged absence from work, as well as the impact on their personal life and general well-being.

Through the use of Deb Stoko® products and by implementing a 3-step skin programme in the workplace – protect, cleanse, restore – industrial managers will be able to maintain a happy, healthy workforce. Products from the range that are particularly well-suited for the industrial sector include:


  • Stokoderm® range – a unique collection of specialist creams that protect the skin from harmful contaminants.


  • Solopol® Classic – a solvent free, heavy duty hand cleansing paste to minimise the risk of skin irritation. Also available with a light lime fragrance.
  • Solopol® GrittyFOAM® – heavy duty hand cleansing foam with scrubbers suspended in the foam to effectively wash away dirt and grime.


  • Stokolan® range – a variety of carefully formulated after-work restoration creams to condition and replenish the skin.

In addition to the most expansive range of occupational skin care products available on the market, Deb provides employers and employees with training and supporting educational materials to help encourage stakeholder buy-in on an issue that is largely overlooked within the industrial sector. 

“Occupational skin disease is a serious health issue that goes largely unreported in the workplace: an invisible threat that affects both an organisation’s efficiency and the health and well-being of its employees,” said Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at Deb UK.

“This is where the new Deb Stoko® range comes in,” he continued. “The products and usage programme address the skin care requirements of all end users. They are essential for effective skin health and in reducing the risk of occupational skin disease.”

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