FUSO Donates Canter Trucks to COVID Campaign, Vietnam

Daimler Trucks’ subsidiary FUSO donates 126 Canter trucks to COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign in Vietnam

Announced by Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, FUSO - a Daimler Trucks subsidiary - has donated 126 Canter trucks, via the Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO), to the national vaccination drive in Vietnam to battle against COVID-19.

As the government calls for private sector support for the vaccination drive, THACO has donated 63 units of the 4.99t Canter trucks for transportation of the vaccine, and 63 units of the 6.5t Canter trucks which will be used as mobile vaccination and testing centres.


Produced as CKD-kits at the FUSO plant in Japan, the light-duty trucks are assembled by THACO at their Quang Nam Province plant in central Vietnam. The total value of the trucks together exceed US$6.5mn and come with refrigeration, as well as rear steps for easy access into the cargo area. 

The vehicles will be operated by the national vaccination drive to meet the government’s goal of vaccinating 80% of the population by June 2022. 


Earlier in the Year (2021)

Vietnam launched a public fund earlier in the year, to secure and distribute vaccine doses for its population of 100 million. Since the launch organisations in and outside of Vietnam have contributed to spur the vaccination campaign. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, THACO has supported the prevention of the pandemic. In addition to its recent donation of trucks, the manufacturer has provided local municipalities with funds and medical supplies including disinfectants, gloves, protective gear, and testing kits.

About THACO 

THACO was established in 1997. Since its founding, it has become a leader in the Vietnamese commercial vehicles market. The company’s distribution network includes 33 outlets and since 2017 is the exclusive wholesale distributor and local assembly partner for FUSO, and as such increased the market presence for the FUSO brand in Vietnam. FUSO’s line-up in Vietnam includes light-duty to heavy-duty trucks, as well as light-duty Rosa buses.


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