42Q releases Digital Factory Starter Kit to accelerate digital transformation

By Nell Walker
Leading cloud manufacturing solutions provider, 42Q, has announced that it has released a Digital Factory Start Kit: a solution packed with key capabili...

Leading cloud manufacturing solutions provider, 42Q, has announced that it has released a Digital Factory Start Kit: a solution packed with key capabilities that accelerate digital factory transformation, enabling businesses to keep up with Industry 4.0 and IIoT more easily.

The Starter Kit includes shop floor and quality functions, traceability capability, and business intelligence reporting. It is designed to show manufacturers the value of digital transformations in just a few weeks.

“The costs and complexity of deploying a conventional on-premise MES platform can result in a time to value of between nine and eighteen months for basic functionality,” said Srivats Ramaswami, CTO, 42Q.

“Manufacturers beginning their digital transformation should not have to wait that long. We designed the Digital Factory Starter Kit to include the core features necessary for digital transformation, and get companies up and running in a few weeks, with no interruption to business processes or customer deliveries.”

Most manufacturers see significant benefits from a well-executed MES deployment, according to LNS research findings. However, only 20% of manufacturers are currently utilising this technology. The reasons given for low adoptions rates include cost, complexity, and risk of business interruption. 42Q’s kit enables businesses to minimize the risks with an easy-to-deploy cloud solution, with benefits being realised almost immediately.

Capabilities included in the kit include electronic travellers, cycle time management, shop order management, and process routing control. Functionality for quality management is fully integrated, including employee verification and electronic work instructions, traceability, product genealogy, labeling and control plans. It also includes 42Q’s Business Intelligence module, which provides tools for real time alerts from manufacturing operations along with data visualization.

“While easy to deploy, the Digital Factory Starter Kit is a complete solution enabling companies to manage quality and operations, monitor yields, WIP and throughput in real time. This solution is proven and already deployed in many manufacturing facilities in highly regulated industries including medical, aerospace and automotive manufacturing,” said Ramaswami.

42Q delivers a comprehensive cloud-based MES solution operating between an ERP and the factory’s equipment, enabling simpler and more cost-effective implementation of a smart factory with Industry 4.0. 42Q’s solution has already been deployed in 50 factories worldwide; for more information, please visit Digital Factory Starter Kit


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