Fujistu: how manufacturers can capitalise on the state of the industry using technology

By Nell Walker
In response to the news that optimism in manufacturing is at a high thanks to domestic orders rising at the fastest pace since 2014, Graeme Wright, Asso...

In response to the news that optimism in manufacturing is at a high thanks to domestic orders rising at the fastest pace since 2014, Graeme Wright, Associate Director for the Manufacturing, Utilities and Services, UK and Ireland at Fujitsu has commented on how manufacturers can capitalise on this demand by embracing technological opportunities.

“A boom in domestic demand for UK manufacturing is hugely exciting for the sector and for the UK economy as a whole. 2017 should be an interesting year for the industry. With an increase in technology-enabled automation, new opportunities will open up for manufacturers to adapt their business models, enhance their value, establish new services and move them into the era of servitisation.

"This will make them more desirable to customers and will be vital if UK manufacturing is going to thrive in an age where 47% of the sector believe that their organisation won’t exist in its current form by 2021 in the wake of digital disruption. If manufacturers tap into the opportunities technology enables, it will boost their workforce’s productivity and help to mitigate the increasing demands on the skilled workforce.

“Moreover, thanks to advancements in 3D printing, the sector will be able to produce more components at a mass level that previously would have been costly and time consuming to produce. Not only can it generate more revenue for manufacturers, but can also transform the supply chain and tracking of products as a result of now being able to print sensors into packaging.

“Manufacturers that wish to capitalise on this new domestic demand need to be savvy to the ways in which they can adapt and advance their business. By seeking the right partners that can facilitate and help businesses with their technological needs in this new digital era, they can ensure that they are future proofing their business by being adaptable to the fast moving world around them. Ultimately those that are agile and embrace it will reap the rewards in the years to come.”


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