Johnson & Johnson joins 2degrees Manufacture 2030 platform

By Nell Walker
US pharmaceutical and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson is joining the 2degrees Manufacture 2030 platform. Manufacture 2030 is a global digi...

US pharmaceutical and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson is joining the 2degrees Manufacture 2030 platform.

Manufacture 2030 is a global digital collaboration platform bringing retailers, brands, and manufacturing suppliers together to cut costs and environmental impact. Resource efficiency is improved, thus enhancing manufacturing excellence and encouraging cooperation across the supply chain. Businesses of all sizes can use Manufacture 2030, from SMEs to huge corporates, enabling them to engage supply chains and drive improvement.

The move to this platform stands as an important step towards Johnson & Johnson’s 2020 Citizenship & Sustainability goals. It will use the Manufacture 2030 Waste Hub to focus activity in increasing reuse and recycling of waste within the consumer goods business.

The company will also trial M2030 bee, an innovative new tool that drives efficiency across manufacturing sites. Later, M2030 may be used across all business segments.

Kevin Whitehead, Senior Director Strategy & Deployment Global Consumer Manufacturing, Johnson & Johnson commented: “With our 2020 Citizenship & Sustainability Goals, Johnson & Johnson is committed to going further than ever before to integrate sustainability into our day-to-day work, thus reducing our impact on the Earth. Through collaboration and best practice sharing in platforms such as Manufacture 2030, we believe we can drive positive and innovative change more effectively across our operations and supply chain.”

Martin Chilcott, Founder & CEO, 2degrees commented on the new partnership: “Johnson and Johnson is a prestigious, world renowned company which has led the way in reducing environmental impact and improving the sustainability of its supply chain. We welcome this partnership as Johnson & Johnson’s focus on reducing environmental impacts in its operations and supply chain via collaborative working aligns perfectly with the ambitions of the platform and its partners. Commitment from global brands such as Johnson & Johnson is critical in driving scale and encouraging others to follow their lead by joining the platform.”


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