Top 10 digital factories: Nokia

By Georgia Wilson
Ranking on our list of Top 10 digital factories, we take a look at how Nokia is revolutionising the manufacturing industry with its solutions. Driving...

Ranking on our list of Top 10 digital factories, we take a look at how Nokia is revolutionising the manufacturing industry with its solutions. 

Driving agile manufacturing with digital automation and business critical solutions 

To improve productivity, reliability and security, as well as lowering operating costs, Nokia helps its customers reap the benefits of industry 4.0 with network solutions that bring businesses into the digital age. 

“We can help you build an Industry 4.0 network that’s ready to connect an unparalleled volume of machines, IoT sensors and data. One that lets you take advantage of mobile workstations and robotics, and new digital technologies like machine learning, AI and cognitive analytics,” says Nokia.

The company provides end-to-end solutions to deliver speed, flexibility and efficiency allowing companies to see the potential of digital transformation. Nokia also provides the capability to mitigate security threats, ensure stability and reliability, automate and streamline processes, and align IT initiatives with business strategies.

To discover more about how Nokia can drive agile manufacturing, click here!

Industrial grade Private Wireless 5G

With its industrial grade Private Wireless solutions, Nokia strives to remake manufacturing. With its solutions the company provides scalability and flexibility as well as the coverage needed to create a smart digital factory. 

“It lets you connect an unparalleled volume of machines, IoT sensors and data while taking advantage of automation with mobile robotics, and new technologies like machine learning, AI and cognitive analytics. And it gives you a network that’s fully primed for 5G.”

Key features of Nokia’s Private Wireless

  • Connectivity and capacity to cost effectively expand 

  • The ability to block unauthorised access, maintain data privacy and protect intellectual property

  • Flexibility to make production process changes in real-time

  • Reliability and service continuity 

  • The ability to future proof investments with 5G

With these key features Nokia strives to reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency and increase the speed to market for those in the manufacturing industry.

To find out more about Nokia’s Private Wireless solutions, click here!

Nokia’s Future X architecture

By harnessing Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking – including 5G – Nokia aims to drive productivity improvements within the industrial sector. 

With Nokia’s Future X architecture, manufacturers can combine intelligent networking with digital technologies to support industry 4.0 innovation.

To discover more about Nokia’s Future X architecture, click here!




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