WiTricity and DAIHEN to commercialise wireless charging stations for EVs

By Nell Walker
WiTricity and DAIHEN Corporation have come together to bring wireless electric car charging to the mainstream. WiTricity, a pioneer in wireless power t...

WiTricity and DAIHEN Corporation have come together to bring wireless electric car charging to the mainstream.

WiTricity, a pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, has announced the DAIHEN has secured a licence to commercialise wireless charging stations for electric vehicles using WiTricity’s technology. DAIHEN is a global leader in electric power transmission and distribution products and industrial robots, began shipments of wireless charging systems for industrial materials handling in 2016 after striking up an agreement with WiTricity. DAIHEN will use its DRIVE 11 wireless charging system as the reference design for its own line of standards-compliant wireless chargers for battery and hybrid EVs.

Many nations across the globe have made pledges to go all-electric in the future, and carmakers are working on developing their EVs to have wireless charging. DAIHEN is therefore seeking to leverage its position as an industry leader in using WiTricity’s technology to fulfil this upcoming need.

The WiTricity DRIVE 11 system includes charging pad, which can either be mounted on or flush with the ground. It uses magnetic resonance technology to send power to the vehicle parked above it, requiring no cables or moving parts, and boasts industry-leading charge and efficiency rates. It is compatible with all vehicle types, and DAIHEN sees opportunities to supply wireless charging stations to private residences, commercial car parks, and public parking facilities.

“DAIHEN saw wireless power transfer as a foundational technology for the factory of the future, and as we planned our entrance into the automotive market, we knew that WiTricity's technology would be a natural and necessary fit," said Ryohei Tanaka, DAIHEN general manager and chief engineer of research and development. "WiTricity's technology offers flexible and efficient wireless charging experiences, and its DRIVE 11 system enables us to deliver that experience to the rapidly expanding global EV market.”

“We are excited to expand our relationship with DAIHEN as it enters the automotive market with its historical leadership in high-power electronics," added Alex Gruzen, WiTricity CEO. "The convenience of EV wireless charging is key to accelerating EV sales beyond today’s early adopters, and we are proud to work with DAIHEN to bring WiTricity technology to customers around the world."


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