AI & Automation Articles

Manufacturing Buyers Driven Away by B2B Webstore Headaches

New survey data from Sapio reveals how manufacturing buyers are experiencing inefficiencies and inaccuracies on manufacturers e-commerce websites

Lenovo ISG: Edge Computing And The Manufacturing Sector

Anthony Sayers, Edge IOT/IIOT Ambassador, EMEA Edge Computing at Lenovo ISG discusses the impact of Edge Computing on manufactuirng

Honeywell Introduces Batch Historian Digitisation Software

Honeywell's Batch Historian is a software digitisation solution that gives manufacturers a contextualised data history for advanced reporting and analytics

Artec 3D & HI: Printing Prosthetics for Rwandan Refugees

Art Yukhin, CEO of Artec 3D and Robert Hakorimana, Technical Project Manager at Handicap International share use of 3D scanning to treat Rwandan refugees

The Manufacturers Leading Globally on AM Maritime Solutions

Mencast Holdings, Immensa and CEAD are leading additive manufacturing's application in the maritime sector in Singapore, Dubai and the Netherlands

Epicor Announces AI set to Transform Manufacturing ERP

The Grow Portfolio, will be powered by a data platform tailored towards helping industries like manufacturing evolve and advance beyond traditional ERP

Siemens Helping VARO Pioneer Automated Pallet Film Removal

VARO with support from Siemens is leading in automated pallet film removal, shining a spotlight on the benefits of automating this overlooked process

PwC: Here’s how Manufacturers can Effectively Implement AI

PwC’s whitepaper gives manufacturers a framework for strategic AI implementation throughout the value chain