AI & Automation Articles

Emerson’s automated Hydrogen technology for Toyota Australia

Toyota, the world’s biggest car manufacturer, collides with the most abundant element Hydrogen in new automation technology for Toyota’s sustainable fuel

Industrial automation makes way for information automation

Jason Chester, Director of Global Channel Programs at InfinityQS, explores how new technology & industrial automation can introduce information automation

Ford calls for more electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Ford has appealed to the European Union to set a deadline for more electric vehicle charging infrastructure to help Europe reach net zero emissions by 2050

How to overcome language barriers in manufacturing factories

Joe Miller, Pocketalk general manager of the Americas and Europe, explores how technology can help on the factory floor to support overseas workers

iBASEt: digital maturity essential for manufacturing sector

Research from iBASEt shows that manufacturing productivity falls behind when a business lacks digital maturity - here’s how brands like Nokia keep up

NSIG & Okmetic to build silicon wafer manufacturing plant

As demand soars for silicon wafers used in electronics manufacturing, China’s NSIG & Finland’s Okmetic team up to build a new production facility

JPL Telecom wins global trade award as exports soar

JPL Telecom Limited has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2022 after experiencing an export sales growth of 737%

From 1G to 6G, here’s a Generation technology timeline

Here is a 1G-6G timeline and how manufacturers have kept up with the newest Generation - from ‘The Brick Phone’ of the 1980s to modern 5G technology