AI & Automation Articles


How tech investment is boosting resilience in manufacturing

Manufacturers should prioritise tech solutions that yield swift returns & provide operational flexibility, says George Haddaway, Regional VP UK at M-Files


Industrial robots: smart finance for a competitive edge

Automation technologies & robots are helping increase productivity. Neli Ivanova at Siemens Financial Services explores how specialist finance can help


How manufacturers can build their sustainability credentials

James Crosby, Head of Sustainability at Advantage Utilities, on how businesses can enhance their sustainability credentials ahead of World Environment Day


5 minutes with Matthew Putman, CEO of Nanotronics

5 minutes with Matthew Putman, CEO & co-founder of industrial AI company Nanotronics, discusses autonomous factory control, generative AI & supply chain


Digital manufacturing & the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Richard Barnett, CMO at Supplyframe, explores digital manufacturing inside the Fourth Industrial Revolution, from IoT to AI, robotics to 3D printing


AI manufacturing is key to the climate change challenge

Alp Kucukelbir, Chief Scientist at Fero Labs, explores how AI can help the world achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and solve the climate change challenge

CGI on data driven manufacturing

Helena Jochberger, Vice President of Corporate Services at IT service CGI, discusses CGI's role in manufacturing & its data collection opportunities


Labour shortage: Over 2mn manufacturing jobs at risk by 2030

Terri Ghio, President of FactoryEye North America, discusses the ‘Silver Tsunami’, the manufacturing labour shortage & how technology can help