Hyundai Robotics: advancing predictive maintenance with AI

By Georgia Wilson
Discover how Hyundai Robotics is advancing predictive maintenance alongside MakinaRocks with AI-based anomaly detection...

In partnership with MakinaRocks, Hyundai Robotics - following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) - will work together to advance AI-based industrial robot anomaly detection for robot arms. 

All you need to know about MakinaRocks

Founded in 2017, MakinaRocks is a startup organisation which specialises in industrial machine intelligence. The organisation develops based on deep learning and reinforcement learning, anomaly detection solutions, as well as control and optimisation solutions for the industrial sector.

The company is backed by several conglomerates in South Korea, as well as a global semiconductor company in their Series A funding totalling US$10mn.

MakinaRocks's solutions harnesses sensors and numeric data to detect anomalies in industrial equipment to increase product quality and improve process control.

Did you know? MakinaRocks was named a '2020 Emerging AI+X TOP 100' company by PwC and the AIIA (Artificial Intelligence Industry Association).

As previously mentioned, as part of the MoU, the two organisations will work to further advance AI-based industrial robot anomaly detection by harnessing deep learning models and operational frameworks for predictive maintenance. Part of their efforts will see the two organisations develop operating environments for the models and integrate them into Hyundai Robotics' Robot Monitoring System (HRMS). 

"While existing AI projects are currently at the PoC (Proof of Concept) level, this agreement provides the opportunity for more, as it includes the MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) aspect necessary for operating machine learning systems. The collaboration will provide new AI application use-cases, contributing to new value creation in the industrial robot market,” commented MakinaRocks co-CEO, Andre Yoon.

"As an increasing number of customers request AI-integrated robots, an AI-based analysis platform for robot functions is an indispensable necessity. We plan to expand our user base with robots that can autonomously predict failures and perform quality management,” added Hyundai Robotics Managing Director, Dae-gyu Yoon.

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