Top 10: Robotic Process Automation Companies

IBM, SAP, UiPath, PegaSystems, MuleSoft, Keysight Technologies, EdgeVerve, Kofax, WorkFusion & AntWorks are our Top 10 robotic process automation companies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks, just like a human would. This frees up manufacturers to deal with activities which are safe, more enjoyable and need human attention.

Manufacturing companies across the world are utilising RPA to speed up production and keep their employees safe and engaged with their work. 

Here are our Top 10 RPA companies.

10. AntWorks 

AntWorks is a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing which uses AI, ML and NLP technologies to digitise data.

Asheesh Mehra, Co-Founder & Group CEO of AntWorks, noticed how many manufacturers were talking about a RPA technology approach, but not from a business perspective. 

“RPA needs to solve business processes without human intervention and also deliver an outcome,” he said. 

9. WorkFusion 

WorkFusion is based in New York and was founded in 2010. The company offers AI and ML functionality across its RPA tools, in addition to simplicity. Perhaps best-suited for those in financial services, WorkFusion’s RPA offers an integrated business process management system for managing robotic automations. Its analytic tools target single automations and fix broken processes quickly.

8. Tungsten Automation, previously known as Kofax 

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, has four decades of expertise in digital workflow transformation. The Irvine-based company specialises in various forms of automation, such as intelligent, hyper, workflow and robotic process automation. 

The Tungsten Intelligent Automation Platform offers an RPA solution that is market-leading and AI-powered to automate business processes using smart software robots. These can manage operations 24 hours a day, while workers maintain them and get on with manufacturing with a human touch. 

7. EdgeVerve 

EdgeVerve is based in Bangalore, India, and the company was founded in 2014. It is a subsidiary of IT giant Infosys Technologies. While EdgeVerve’s customers are focused in finance, the company is also a strong player in RPA assistance for call centres.

AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation is its greatest RPA offering, while it also provides a tool set of machine learning and AI tools, Infosys Nia.

6. Keysight Technologies 

Keysight Technologies works with technology leaders who want to build a more connected world, from its base in Santa Rosa, California. The company was selected as a North American Index Component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), for its socially responsible operations and environmental processes. With Keysight's PathWave Instrument Robotic Process Automation, the software removes any complexity and mindless repetition, 

5. MuleSoft 

Solutions like MuleSoft RPA enable the composable business by replacing repetitive tasks with bots that can intelligently process documents, enter data, or act on the user's behalf, all without any code. This end-to-end business automation drives innovation and collaboration, streamlines processes, increases efficiency and speed, and enables users to integrate and automate with disconnected legacy systems. With MuleSoft RPA, customers can bring together best-in-class integration, API management, and RPA capabilities to transform into a composable business.

4. PegaSystems 

Pega was founded in 1983 and its AI-powered automation, the Pega Platform, solves all manner of problems. According to a Pegasystems survey, 63% of global executives have said that RPA is a major component in digital transformation. The way Pega sees it, Robotic Process Automation keeps manufacturers focused on the customer and uses robots to take care of the rest. The process eliminates time spent navigating multiple applications, integrates legacy systems and removes silos.

3. UiPath

UiPath was founded in Bucharest, Romania in 2005 and has since become headquartered in New York City. In a UiPath survey of 4,500 global workers, 68% said that they believed automation would make them more productive. As a market leader in RPA software, UiPath’s AI-powered Business Automation Platform offers customers the capabilities to understand, automate and operate end-to-end processes. 

2. SAP 

Software development company SAP strengthens supply chains with its manufacturing software. In the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things and intelligent automation, these technologies are used to power efficient machinery and factories, by offering manufacturers the visibility and transparency they require to lower their emissions and meet customer expectations. 

SAP’s Intelligent RPA is an automation solution where any developer can build intelligent bots to automate manual processes which are repetitive or dangerous. It was first launched in 2018, at TechEd Las Vegas and later released to the public in 2019, allowing enterprises to streamline processes in areas from the supply chain to data management to sales order management.

1. IBM 

IBM was founded in 1911 and has grown to become one of the world's largest IT companies. It is based in Armonk, New York, and provides smart manufacturing solutions that use AI, IoT and advanced analytics to improve quality control, enable predictive maintenance and support supply chain management. 

IBM’s RPA offering helps users automate more business and IT processes at scale with the ease and speed of traditional RPA. Software robots can act on AI insights to complete tasks with no lag time and enable businesses to achieve digital transformation. Its use-cases range from automatic invoice emission, system integration, information reconciliation and report generation.

IBM’s research has shown that after deploying IBM Robotic Process Automation for a composite organisation, a three-year 124% ROI was modelled by a 2021 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study. In addition, the implementation of IBM Robotic Process Automation fully paid for itself in 16 months.


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