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After securing an MA in Journalism, Adams landed at BizClik Media through LinkedIn. Despite working from home, she has managed to write across various publications, including Sustainability, Supply Chain, Procurement, Manufacturing, Healthcare and March8.

Her interest in journalism came from a school project, which explored Anglo Saxon letter writing, the BBC news alert of its time. 

Adams hails from the West Midlands, but has kayaked through the Australian bush, toured a baklava factory in Iraq and backpacked through Communist Asia. She is particularly interested in vegan food, white noise sleep apps and the song writing journey of Taylor Swift. 

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IBM is taking on e-waste and sustainable manufacturing

Bruce Anderson is Managing Partner of Global Manufacturing for IBM Consulting. Here, he details IBM’s sustainability initiatives & reducing e-waste

Executive Outlook in the Face of Economic Uncertainty

Join speakers from Oracle NetSuite, iConn and BizClik on 3rd November, for a webinar on facing economic uncertainty & changing business conditions

Releaf’s smart food factories & the supply chain

Releaf CTO Uzoma Ayogu discusses the global food chain, smart food factories and recognising the productivity of the people in your supply chain


Manufacturing a legacy of safety, sustainability, and skill

Michael Vale, Group President for 3M’s safety & industrial business, explores diversity & environmental stewardship in manufacturing

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Join HMS Networks Ewon webinar on sustainable remote access

Communications equipment manufacturer HMS Networks to host a webinar ‘Effective and Sustainable Remote Access’ on Tuesday 21st June 2022

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Teamwork and resilience turn the wheels at Danfoss Drives

From water systems via various industries to manufacturing, Danfoss Drives is lighting the way for a more efficient, sustainable and resilient world

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Janne Kuivalainen

SVP, Global Product Management & Development, Danfoss Drives

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Top 10 phone manufacturers

Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, OnePlus, Nokia, Blackberry and LG - here are our Top 10 phone manufacturers

Top 10 tips for a diverse manufacturing workforce

Manufacturing businesses want to build diversity within their workforces. Here are our Top 10 tips for a team that’s varied, cohesive & above all, diverse

Top 10 manufacturers using digital twins

Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Siemens, GE, Bosch, PTC Inc., Ansys, QiO Technologies & Sight Machine are our Top 10 manufacturers using digital twins

Top 10 3D printing manufacturing companies

Stratasys, Adidas, HP, SPEE3D, Local Motors, 3D Systems Corporation, Doob Group, Food Ink & more are our Top 10 3D printing manufacturers

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Teamwork and resilience turn the wheels at danfoss Drives