Dassault Systèmes Bring AR Manufacturing Showcase to London

Dassault Systemes debut augmented reality installation in Piccadilly Circus, London showcases the technology’s innovative supply chain manufacturing uses

According to new research by global tech market advisory firm ABI Research, the total global AR market is expected to surpass US$175bn in 2026. Augmented reality , unlike virtual reality, does not immerse its user in an entirely digital space. It instead, as the name implies, augments existing reality so users can interact with digital objects and data as if they were real. 

As an industry that relies on a symbiotic fusion between digital and manual labour, augmented reality seems like a no-brainer for manufacturing. Which is why, after an early boom during COVID-19 where the technology was implemented in areas of knowledge capture, training and resource assistance. AR has helped improve workers accuracy, productivity and safety in operations, being used to detect possible faults, optimise maintenance and streamline procedures. It makes the manufacturing process more cost-effective and adaptive, allowing for superior remote communication and visualisation when it comes to design and testing.

Celebrating the success of this technology and its impact on the manufacturing sector is  Dassault Systèmes , a French multinational corporation that develops advanced 3D software for a host of industries including manufacturing. The company has been showcasing the incredible power of augmented reality with their digital out-of-home media campaign in Piccadilly Circus, London. The campaign features a 780-metre-screen created using the company's virtual twin technology. It illuminates central London with three-dimensional, mind-bending videos that draw attention to the innovation happening in the manufacturing sphere. 

The experience, created in collaboration with advertising company Ocean Outdoor, is supported by a social media and advertising campaign across the UK and France. 

As part of the campaign, the general public is invited to delve deeper through an augmented reality application available on their smartphones. The app allows users to envision an alternative Piccadilly Circus in a sustainable world, learn more about virtual worlds and share their experiences on social media. 

Marc Overton

"A key driver for sustainable innovation is a greater awareness of the challenges society faces, and how to address them." Marc Overton, MD, Euronorth, Dassault Systèmes said. " Our groundbreaking experiential campaign in Piccadilly Circus extends an invitation to millions of people to immerse themselves in a journey of discovery where virtual worlds improve real life. Sustainability is at the core of Dassault Systèmes’ mission. The campaign highlights the rapid transformation of assembly lines thanks to our innovative virtual twin technology." 

Focusing in on the application of augmented reality in supply chain manufacturing, Marc had this to say:

"In light of emerging technologies and the rising need for sustainable manufacturing, manufacturers must establish and oversee robust processes that are integrated and managed comprehensively across a global framework. The integration of the virtual and physical world presents a significant leap forward in optimising operations and empowering workers. With virtual twin technology, manufacturers gain insights into new products, facilities and production process plans by connecting the virtual and real world. With AR, for example, they can increase agility, accelerate innovation and improve accuracy by overlaying real time data, instructions, and simulations onto the factory floor."

This campaign comes at a critical time, when digital twin technologies receive enhanced attention and investment in the manufacturing sector. Augmented reality continues to be a powerful tool to enhance manufacturing's present operations and imagine an ambitious future.


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