Nokia/Edzcom deploy 5G SA at Konecranes smart factory

By Georgia Wilson
Nokia and Edzcom will jointly deploy 5G standalone (SA) private wireless network at Konecranes’ Hyvinkää smart factory
Experienced in designing, building, and operating private wireless network solutions, Edzcom will jointly deploy a private wireless and application platform based on Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud at Konecranes’ Hyvinkää smart factory.


What does this mean for Konecranes?
The new 5G standalone (SA) private wireless network will enable Konecranes to research and develop digital and factory port solutions, due to 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency that increases productivity, improves efficiency, and enhances safety.
“Factories and ports are increasingly becoming digitalized and automated, and machine-to-machine communication is on the rise, creating an ecosystem of connected devices. Konecranes has been an industry leader in this development, and partnering with Nokia and Edzcom helps us extend that digitalization and technology leadership,” said Juha Pankakoski, Executive Vice President for Technologies, Konecranes.
“Establishing a private 5G network in our Hyvinkää smart factory, with its low latency, high bandwidth and greater reliability, gives us the chance to accelerate automation even further, improving efficiency and opening up new use cases that can benefit both Konecranes and its customers,” added Pankakoski.


Harnessing 5G
Konecranes’ trials across its Hyvinkää operations will be supported by the 5G network, incorporating its smart factory, research and development facilities, and test cranes.
In particular Konecranes will use 5G to deploy its high-resolution wireless cameras to improve its laid handling safety, site security and operational integrity.
“Konecranes has been at the forefront of private wireless, introducing private LTE with Nokia and Edzcom four years ago to develop innovative solutions for its Lifting Businesses. By now deploying 5G to explore and develop its potential in factories and ports, Konecranes underscores its pioneering position in leveraging digitalization to enhance productivity and safety,” said Stephan Litjens, Vice President Enterprise Solutions, Nokia Cloud and Network Services.
“This project is a great showcase for smooth evolution to 5G private networking, with tight cooperation between Konecranes, Edzcom and Nokia. 5G will enable Konecranes to ensure greater capacity and high performance for its most ambitious digitalization strategies. We are excited to see how Konecranes will continue to innovate, and employ edge connectivity to boost operational efficiency and new solution development,” concluded Mikko Uusitalo, Managing Director, Edzcom.
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