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Chief Digital Information Officer Industry: Manufacturing

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Kimberly Eubank is a strategic and operational executive experienced in tackling big initiatives and delivering results. She speaks and advises on business transformation and is an expert at breaking down complexity and moving the business forward in a more integrated, seamless manner. Eubank is currently the CDIO of Big Ass Fans leading both IT and Digital organizations as the company undertakes its digital transformation. This involves CRM improvements, taking their ERP to the cloud, redesigning their online experience, rearchitecting their integration layer, and implementing new systems.

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Charting Big Ass Fans' Digital Transformation Journey

Kimberly Eubank, Chief Digital Information Officer for Big Ass Fans, tells us why a cool and comfortable workforce is the key to success in manufacturing

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Kimberly Eubank

Chief Digital Information Officer at Big Ass Fans


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Big Ass Fans' Journey Through Digital Transformation