Big Ass Fans' Journey Through Digital Transformation

Kimberly Eubank, Chief Digital Information Officer for Big Ass Fans, tells us why a cool and comfortable workforce is the key to success in manufacturing.

Each new day offers a fresh set of challenges in the manufacturing industry. As for most businesses, manufacturers oversee their processes flow from end to end, from order-taking to building the product and shipping it. In addition to all of that – businesses need to ensure that their workforce is comfortable.

In any profession, when employees are working at a comfortable temperature, they are more productive. If staff are working in a factory that doesn't have air conditioning and it’s hotter inside the building than outdoors, they will get tired faster and be more prone to making mistakes. Comfort is key to employee retention, safety, and morale.

Big Ass Fans manufactures industrial and residential fans, as well as infrared heaters and coolers. The team at the top ensures that the employee experience is comfortable, which in turn, makes the customer experience a seamless one. Big Ass Fans is transforming itself internally to scale to a billion-dollar business.

As its Chief Digital Information Officer, Kimberly Eubank was brought in to spearhead digital transformation efforts and allow for Big Ass Fans to gracefully scale to this goal. Here, she tells us more.


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