Bombardier’s Global 6500 enters completion centre

By William Smith
Montreal, Canada based manufacturer Bombardier has announced the entrance of the first of its Global 6500 business jets into its completion centre. The...

Montreal, Canada based manufacturer Bombardier has announced the entrance of the first of its Global 6500 business jets into its completion centre.

The Laurent Beaudoin Completion Centre, located in Montreal, will provide the finishing touches to the line before it enters into service later this year. Bombardier describes the facility as “state-of-the-art”. Last year it was renamed from the Global Completion Centre to its current name as a tribute to the company’s long-serving Chairman and President.

Julien Boudreault, Vice President, Program Management, Bombardier Aviation, said: “As the Global 6500 jet progresses towards entry-into-service, we couldn’t be happier to welcome the first production aircraft in our state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal, where high-precision completion work is being carried out on the new business jet. With the longest range, largest cabin in its class and smoothest ride, the Global 6500 boasts an innovative interior design and enhanced performance, offering the convenience and state-of-the-art technology our customers have come to expect from the Global family.”


The latest in Bombardier’s Global Express range of business jets, its new aircraft has a maximum range of 6,600 nautical miles, achievable when operating out of hot weather and high-altitude conditions, due to increased engine thrust and improved fuel efficiency. Giving its top speed as Mach 0.9, the company said that the aircraft can connect Hong Kong or Singapore to London and Toluca to Madrid non-stop and can carry up to 17 passengers.

Boasting a Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 engine, Bombardier said that the Global 6500 aircraft’s optimal operating costs outmatch all other aircraft in the same class. They also emphasised the inclusion of the Nuage chaise, a lounge chair that folds down into a flat surface for sleeping or dining, and the Nuage seat, which together are said to demonstrate the importance of comfort to the aircraft’s design.


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