Top 10: Most Sustainable Medical Device Manufacturers

Top 10: Most Sustainable Medical Device Manufacturers
Philips, Siemens Healthineers, Medtronic, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker & Boston Scientific are our Top 10 sustainable medical device companies

10. Zimmer Biomet 

Zimmer Biomet is a medical device manufacturer committed to sustainability in its operations. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability by implementing various initiatives.

They focus on reducing their environmental footprint through energy efficiency and waste reduction programmes in their manufacturing processes. Zimmer Biomet also places great importance on responsible sourcing of materials, with the goal of minimising the environmental impact of their supply chain. Its commitment to sustainability extends to product design, where they aim to create devices with improved longevity and recyclability.

9. Terumo Corporation 

Terumo Corporation, a Japanese medical device company, demonstrates unwavering commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In its medical device manufacturing endeavours, Terumo is dedicated to sustainability. They're committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste, and efficiently utilising resources. Terumo's focus extends to product development, emphasising the creation of environmentally friendly and safe medical devices.

Terumo actively addresses climate change and prioritises environmental health and safety management. Their consideration of water usage, especially in the production of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, reflects their commitment to sustainability amid growing water scarcity concerns. Terumo demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainable medical device manufacturing, aligning their practices with eco-conscious principles.

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8. Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific integrates sustainability into its corporate responsibility initiatives, emphasising environmental stewardship and ethical business practices.

In its medical device manufacturing operations, Boston Scientific collaborates with industry partners to reduce waste, minimise energy consumption, and maximise recycling opportunities. The company was among the first medical device manufacturers to commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 in all manufacturing and key distribution sites, demonstrating their dedication to combating climate change.

Boston Scientific also commits heavily to sustainability practices in the medical supply chain, using a strategic quality process to prioritise, execute, and monitor global manufacturing and supply chain efforts. By embedding sustainability into their operations, Boston Scientific aligns its medical device manufacturing with eco-conscious principles, contributing to a more environmentally responsible healthcare industry.

7. Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) 

BD places a significant emphasis on sustainability in its medical device manufacturing processes. They have established a Sustainable Medical Technology Institute dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their product portfolio. This initiative informs their product life cycle roadmap and promotes sustainable-by-design product development.

BD's commitment to sustainability is an integral part of their approach, seen as a portfolio of initiatives that align with their mission of advancing global health. Their focus extends beyond the environment to strengthen healthcare systems worldwide by developing market-appropriate solutions. Their commitment to sustainable practices benefits the environment and supports their mission to improve healthcare delivery globally.

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6. Stryker

Stryker is widely recognised for its sustainability efforts, including investments in renewable energy and initiatives aimed at waste reduction.

Through its Sustainability Solutions program, Stryker is dedicated to sustainable medical device manufacturing. Stryker is a major provider of reprocessing and remanufacturing capabilities for single-use medical devices, tackling the e-waste issue in the sector while reducing the company’s overall environmental impact. Extending the lifespan of these devices allows healthcare facilities to minimise material consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

Stryker's comprehensive annual reports showcase their progress toward sustainability goals and their approach to environmental responsibility. Their commitment to eco-conscious practices not only reduces costs for healthcare facilities but also aligns with global efforts to promote sustainability in the medical device industry.

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5. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) places a strong emphasis on sustainability within its medical device manufacturing. They understand the intricate connection between human health and environmental health. Their commitment to delivering top-quality products goes hand-in-hand with continuous efforts to improve their environmental footprint.

J&J integrates sustainability into its operations to cut costs and reduce environmental impact while maintaining high standards for patient outcomes. This commitment extends to their medical technology division, where they incorporate eco-conscious principles into product design and manufacturing processes. Bridging the gap between human health and environmental responsibility, J&J ensures that their medical device manufacturing aligns with sustainable practices, benefiting both patients and the planet.

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4. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare's commitment to sustainability is embedded in its medical device manufacturing processes. They incorporate eco-conscious design principles into the development of medical imaging systems like CT scanners, ensuring that sustainability is an integral part of the product vision and manufacturing process.

Their objective is to reduce the environmental impact of their equipment throughout its lifecycle.

GE Healthcare offers a suite of products that support additive manufacturing, further enhancing sustainable practices in the healthcare sector. Their dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with their mission to provide innovative healthcare solutions while minimising their ecological footprint.

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3. Medtronic

Medtronic is committed to sustainable medical device manufacturing by implementing a variety of eco-friendly initiatives. They collaborate closely with hospitals to significantly reduce waste, aiming for substantial improvements over a baseline from FY21. This reduction not only benefits the environment but also leads to more sustainable healthcare practices.

Recognising the high energy usage associated with manufacturing facilities in the medical device industry, Medtronic places a premium on sustainable business practices to minimise environmental impact. They take a holistic approach to product stewardship and sustainability, consistently exceeding industry regulations in their pursuit of sustainable solutions to industry challenges.

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2. Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers is unwavering in its commitment to sustainability, evident through its environmental policies and social responsibility initiatives.

In the realm of medical device manufacturing, Siemens Healthineers champions a circular economy approach. They prioritise reducing the carbon footprint of their systems, which not only benefits healthcare providers but also contributes to environmental preservation. This approach promotes the responsible use of resources throughout the product life cycle, aligning seamlessly with sustainability principles.

Understanding the vital link between sustainable development and societal well-being, Siemens Healthineers has set ambitious targets to ensure their operations positively impact these goals. Their steadfast commitment to sustainability ensures that their medical devices are designed, produced, and used in ways that minimise harm to the environment and support a healthier planet.

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1. Philips

Philips is deeply committed to sustainability in healthcare, striving to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place through innovation. They've successfully achieved their 'Healthy People, Sustainable Planet' goals and are continually advancing their integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework, emphasising sustainability in everything they do.

When it comes to manufacturing medical devices, Philips places a strong focus on responsible and sustainable practices. They consider environmental impacts, social responsibility, and governance standards in their approach. Their mission is to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance the well-being of both people and the planet. Philips' dedication to sustainability in medical device manufacturing positions them as a leader in eco-friendly healthcare solutions.

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