Walkers collaborates with Heinz for sandwich-flavoured crisps

By Nell Walker
Walkers has teamed up with Heinz to create a range of six different sandwich-flavoured crisps. The promotion, dubbed 'Go Barmy for a Sarnie&#39...

Walkers has teamed up with Heinz to create a range of six different sandwich-flavoured crisps. 


The promotion, dubbed 'Go Barmy for a Sarnie', incorporates six Heinz sauces in the flavours, which are bacon and ketchup; cheese, cucumber, and salad cream; roast chicken and mayonnaise; ham and mustard; toasted cheese and Worcester sauce; and sausage and HP sauce.

Prizes will also be offered as part of the promotion, such as the chance to win £10,000 or free crisps. 

According to Campaign, Thomas Barkholt, Marketing Director at PepsiCo, said: "The campaign is based on strong insights around the importance of sandwiches and snacks to British consumers.

"Crisps are a regular feature at lunchtime for many people, so we came up with a concept that would incorporate them both; giving Brits the chance to try the great taste of their favourite sandwiches in crisp format.

"Heinz products are a great fit with popular sandwich flavours, so we are delighted to be working with Heinz on this promotion."

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