Procurement & Supply Chain Articles

Stratasys’ 3D printing journey & the impact on healthcare

Erez Ben-Zvi, VP Medical at Stratasys, discusses the future of 3D printing and how medical professionals are using this technology in various sectors


The future of Tech & AI in the manufacturing industry

Learn how technology and AI are changing the manufacturing sector at Manufacturing Digital LIVE, a free virtual event on Wednesday 6th December 2023


Nokia: Making the connected workforce a reality

Paul Downey, Head of Manufacturing Marketing within Nokia’s Enterprise Campus Edge team, discusses how manufacturers can utilise the connected workforce


Manufacturing 'mission-critical' equipment at Hillenbrand

Aneesha Arora from Hillenbrand, discusses manufacturing 'mission-critical' equipment, women in STEM & the necessity of a degree in modern manufacturing


Navigating supply chain challenges & pioneering resilience

Bindiya Vakil discusses her career from manufacturing to founding Resilinc. Here she explains why transparency is important for supply chains


Product management & manufacturing trends at Model N

Gloria Kee, VP of Product Management at Model N, shares her insights on manufacturing trends & why effective product management is essential for success


Accenture study reveals 'local' manufacturing trend

Accenture report shows that twice as many businesses will be using regional suppliers & manufacturers by 2026 but says tech investment is key to resilience

Boeing cyberattack: The value of security in manufacturing

Cyber Magazine discusses the Boeing cyber incident and how a data breach at this scale poses risk to both employees and business supply chains