SAP Hong Kong and Deloitte Help Ease Cross-Border Trade

By Laura V. Garcia
SAP Hong Kong and Deloitte Join Forces in Easing the Pains of Cross-Border Trade...

The massive shifts in global supply and demand caused by the global pandemic continue to disrupt the trade industry. SAP Hong Kong and Deloitte have joined forces to assist enterprises in navigating the increased complexities and high risks.

“How effectively organizations manage global trade in today’s rapidly changing environment will directly impact a company’s success,” said Martin Naraschewski, SAP general manager and global head of line of business Finance & Risk. “The SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) application provides the platform necessary to allow organizations to scale globally yet remain nimble and compliant regionally.”

Deployed in nearly 3,000 enterprises in 25 industries across more than 170 countries, SAP GTS a global trade management platform, helps organisations reduce costs and mitigate risks of non-compliance through better managing free-trade agreements and customs procedures. 

A More Efficient Cross-Border Supply Chain

Whether on the cloud or on-premises, SAP GTS allows full integration of trade services, which is where Deloitte steps in, offering a one-stop-shop for end-to-end worldwide trade services. Enabled with SAP GTS, Deloitte assists companies in ensuring compliance and more synergetic trade management. Deloitte’s trade specialists hold extensive experience in customs, compliance, preferential trade agreements (ensuring you take advantage of any preferential tariff treatments) and technology implementation.

Fabian Padilla Crisol, Managing Director, SAP Hong Kong, said, "Business leaders in high-tech, life sciences, luxury goods, industrial machinery and other sectors understand the importance of optimizing cross-border supply chains. With the support of SAP GTS and Deloitte, these businesses are now well-positioned to navigate an increasingly volatile and complex global trade environment in 2021 and beyond."

Andy Zhou, Deloitte Consulting China SAP Offering Leader, said, "To prosper in the dynamic global trade environment, enterprises are required to keep up with the cross-border trade policies and regulations, meet new consumer demand and the development needs of complex supply chains. The combination of Deloitte's services and SAP GTS technology allows deep integration and seamless connection to establish a stable, efficient and compliant global trade management model and solution.”


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