Smurfit Kappa celebrates 50 years in product packaging

By Jonathan Dyble
Smurfit Kappa, a leading European packaging company, is celebrating its 50th anniversary within the product packaging industry this week, having develop...

Smurfit Kappa, a leading European packaging company, is celebrating its 50th anniversary within the product packaging industry this week, having developed automated packing lines across the world since its launch in 1967.

The Swedish company has served a number of big name brands during this time, including Heinz, Bosch, Kellogg’s and Kimberly-Clark amongst others, providing them with innovative packaging machines.

In total, Smurfit Kappa has developed, produced, supplied and installed over 8,000 machine systems for its customers.

“The next 50 years hold unlimited possibilities for Smurfit Kappa as a total solution provider,” said Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems Manager, Koen De-Winter.

“With exciting new sales channels such as ecommerce growing, we will keep developing packing lines to launch more and more innovative packaging solutions and continuing to unlock value for our customers.”

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The manufacturing specialist also provides supply chain solutions in the form of SupplySmart and ShelfSmart, helping to optimise the supply chains of customers in order to provide a total solution from production to sale for the customer, something that Italian coffee giant Lavazza recently tapped into.

“We approached Smurfit Kappa in search of a solution for a new range of coffee capsules that would get us to market in the shortest possible time,” said Lavazza’s Research and Development Engineer, Paolo Zonca.

“The brief was challenging but Smurfit Kappa turned it around and provided both the consumer and retail packaging as well as the machine system that could pack 400 capsules per minute.

“Being able to offer a complete packing solution and work on both the packaging format and packing line simultaneously saved a lot of time and got our product on the shelves quicker.”

In this way, Smurfit Kappa’s packaging solutions are able to be customised to any customer’s needs.


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