Transport: Continental Advances Fleet Violation Tracking

Continental, developer of pioneering, sustainable and connected mobility solutions, harnesses data to track fleet violations in transportation

Making the Future of Monitoring Fleet Violation Easy


Adding new functionalities to its proven data management software - previously known as VDO TIS-Web - Continental aims to help fleet managers better monitor violations recorded by tachographs in their fleets and react before serious difficulties occur.

Based on the tachograph data, scorecards will record the number of different violations, compare them with the classification of violations (EU Registration 2016/043), and provide an overview of current compliance. 

“In the logistics and transportation industry, data from commercial vehicles has long been one of the most important building blocks for long-term success. This is why we at Continental believe that making this data available and processing it is one of our key tasks. The data generated by our DTCO is particularly informative, trustworthy and tamper-proof, and this makes it a perfect foundation for a range of services with real added value – the new scorecards are just the beginning,” said Marcello Lucarelli, Head of Continental’s Commercial Vehicle Fleet Services business segment.

What Does This Mean for Transportation and Logistics?


The first function will be available to users of VDO Fleet Tachograph Management Advanced and Pro versions (formerly TIS-Web DMM 5.0) from autumn 2021.

The solution will provide a full overview of violations in fleets for managers, helping them to better monitor compliance and act proactively. The comparison to EU Registration 2016/403 will let managers identify at an early stage whether the company may soon be faced with sanctions that exceed the sum of the individual penalties.

Continental has plans to incorporate an additional extension that will show trend indicators when it comes to improvements or deterioration of the scorecard. Those who are using VDO Fleet Tachograph Management Pro will receive reports at individual driver and vehicle levels. 

A High Degree of Security and Control

Continental states that by adopting these scorecards managers can benefit from a higher degree of security and control.

“Fleet managers are under great pressure to ensure compliance. We want to help them achieve this by giving them security. Those responsible can now see objectively if everything is in order or if they have to take action to remedy any issues,” said Timo Ketterer, Head of Service Product Management in the Commercial Vehicle Fleet Services business segment at Continental.

EU Regulation 2013/403 keeps track of numerous violations, as well as additional important elements such as driving and rest periods, speeding and tachograph manipulation. 

Ketterer explains why there is an increase in pressure around this: “Firstly, there was this year’s introduction of the ERRU messaging system in the European countries that had not been involved with the system up until then. So, violations abroad are now reported to the domestic authorities all over Europe. Secondly, the harmonization of the various national interpretations at the European level is expected to come into force in 2024. In many cases, this will result in the critical threshold of a fleet’s compliance score being reached more quickly.”

From November 2021, VDO TIS-Web will no longer exist. Its new name will be VDO Fleet. TIS-Web DMM 5.0 is now Tachograph Management, and TIS-Web Motion will be called Tachograph Live Services.


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