Bosch to Design & Deliver GMG Battery Manufacturing Plant

Bosch signs collaboration agreement with Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) to design and deliver GMG’s aluminium-ion battery manufacturing plant 

In an announcement made by Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG), the company has signed a non-binding letter of intent with Robert Bosch Australia (Bosch). The two are yet to agree on the terms of the binding agreement which will see Bosch design and deliver a Graphene Aluminium Ion Battery manufacturing plant.

What Does This Mean for Bosch?

The global provider of integrated production line solutions, automation, robotics, and testing equipment will support GMG’s learning and development of an autonomous battery assembly process. The two will use the result from the pilot plant to support the scaling into fully automated plants. 

As part of the agreement, Bosch plans to become GMG’s engineering, design, and construction contractor for the near and long-term battery cell manufacturing facility needs. 

“We are proud and excited to be partnering with BOSCH. They are a major, world-leading company in this space with outstanding capability to help provide highly automated, efficient and reliable battery manufacturing plants. It has been great working with the Bosch Australia team so far and we look forward to building a strong long-term partnership with them,” said Craig Nicol, Managing Director and CEO, GMG.

“We are delighted to have been chosen by GMG as its long term factory automation partner. We are excited to bring Bosch’s world-class technology and expertise to support GMG [commercialising] its innovative battery technology, with an automated coin cell manufacturing plant the first cab off the ranks,” added Gavin Smith, President of BOSCH Australia.

GMG’s Commitments

GMG is expecting to commit to the construction of an initial commercial manufacturing plant, which will produce batteries in coin cell format, following the successful prototype and final investment decision.

The location of the facility is yet to be determined but is expected to be in Australia, GMG’s headquarters. The pilot plant has received its equipment; GMG intends to begin construction and commissioning soon.


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