Timeline: Made in China 2025 - Leading Global Innovation

Manufacturing Global breaks down China's 'Made in China 2025' strategy timeline to become a high-end manufacturer and technology powerhouse

China’s short term development roadmap to transform the country into a high-end manufacturer and technology powerhouse. The implementation of the Made in China 2025 (MIC 2025) initiative, is led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) with a focus on nine strategic priorities and 10 priority sectors.

“It is a crystal clear goal for us. We are trying to push China from being the largest to being one of the strongest. Made in China 2025’ is designed to make some breakthroughs in bottleneck areas so that the country can play an even more important role in the global manufacturing chain,” said Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology.


2015: The World's Largest Manufacturer of Goods

Establishing itself as the world’s largest manufacturer of goods, and a major manufacturer when it comes to scale, China in May 2015 released its ‘Made in China 2025’ roadmap. The national initiative aims to improve the manufacturing industry, reducing its dependency on other countries. 

2025: Closing the Gap

By 2025, the initiative aims to comprehensively upgrade China’s manufacturing sectors and strengthen its position as a major manufacturing nation. 

The initiative will also focus on quality manufacturing, smart manufacturing technologies, improving the efficiency of energy, labour and material consumption, make chinese companies, leaders, and master key technologies instead of importing them.

2035: Becoming a Mid-Level Player

By 2035, China’s initiative aims to have the country operating at a mid-level player in the manufacturing industry. To do this China will increase its innovation, increase its IP ownership, and achieve globally innovative breakthroughs in key areas.

2045: A Leader in Innovation

By 2045, China aims to be a leader when it comes to innovation, and be on its way to becoming a top player and global leader in the industry.

2049: A Global Leader and Technological Powerhouse

By 2049 - the final stage of the initiative - China is focused on becoming a global leader in key, high-end manufacturing sectors, driving innovation and holding a competitive advantage.


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