Technology Articles

Stratasys’ Yann Rageul on how efficiency helps manufacturing

Yann Rageul, Manufacturing Business Unit Lead at Stratasys, shares how focusing on efficiency can protect manufacturers against external challenges

2023 set to be the Year of Autonomous Sourcing, says Keelvar

According to a report by Keelvar, industry predictions reveal that manufacturing and procurement in 2023 is going to be defined by autonomous sourcing bots

How manufacturers can adapt to mounting FX challenges

Eric Huttman, CEO of MillTechFX, shares how manufacturers can adapt to mounting FX challenges & take a strategic approach to FX risk management

How food manufacturers can meet the meat alternative market

Laura Gilbank, Business Development Manager at Columbus UK, discusses how food manufacturers can cultivate a successful plant-based strategy

Capgemini helps Boehringer Ingelheim in a world of data

Ruth Lütticken, Director of Life Sciences, Data Science & AI, Capgemini, explains how data management is helping Boehringer Ingelheim to transform lives

How to implement ERP for the automotive business

Alexandra Datsenko is a Technology Research Analyst at software development company Itransition. She tells us what to consider before implementing ERP

Uyghur forced labour prevention: What importers need to know

Research suggests consumer purchasing is increasingly influenced by societal factors, with 83% saying they would pay more for ethically-sourced products

Manufacturing news roundup: renewable energy & machinery

News roundup: carbon emission reduction technology, supply chain resilience, chemical manufacturing & supporting renewable energy growth