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Reducing Scope 3 emissions with Jeff Dewing, Cloudfm CEO

Jeff Dewing, CEO of Cloudfm & Mindsett, shares what net zero goals businesses need to be aware of & how they can take control of their Scope 3 emissions


Accrol Group’s Oceans on paper manufacturing & supply chains

Vandita Vaidya, Technical Manager at Accrol Group’s paper manufacturer Oceans, discusses gender diversity in manufacturing & how she educates stakeholders


The path to successful manufacturing in China & Hong Kong

Dario Acconci, Hawksford’s Managing Director Business Development in Asia, explains how manufacturers can thrive across China & Hong Kong

How manufacturers can safeguard from ransomware attacks

Manufacturers are the most targeted in ransomware attacks. James Derbyshire, Garrison’s Browser Isolation Expert, shares how firms can protect themselves


Manufacturing employees want more health & wellbeing support

Results from a survey ‘Health, Wellbeing & Habits’ has shown that 8 in 10 manufacturing employees want their company to do more to encourage healthy habits

Yann Rageul of Stratasys on lean supply chains & 3D printing

Geopolitical instability has led to lean supply chains & a advanced 3D printing which can make manufacturers more resilient, says Stratasys’ Yann Rageul

The pros and cons of reshoring & modern manufacturing

Mike Williams & Erik Olsen, of insurance company Chubb, discuss the domestic manufacturing industry in the USA, reshoring & the global supply chain

This week at Manufacturing Digital, we celebrated women

On International Women's Day, we heard from women across the industry. "The manufacturing sector suffers from gender stereotyping" - Georgina Goff, Flex