Emerson supporting manufacturers with digital transformation

By Daniel Brightmore
Emersonhas deepened its commitment to manufacturers’ performance with a digital transformation organisation offeringintegration of services, technolog...

Emersonhas deepened its commitment to manufacturers’ performance with a digital transformation organisation offering integration of services, technology and execution.

As leaders across industries work to realise measurable business improvement in today’s complex technology environment, global engineering and technology company Emerson will help customers accelerate the realisation of their digital transformation vision.

The new digital rransformation business - announced at the annual Emerson Global Users Exchange Americas - brings together critical resources to help manufacturers develop and implement pragmatic digital transformation strategies that deliver industry-leading, or ‘Top Quartile’, performance. 

The $650mn+ business combines existing expertise in consulting, project execution, smart sensor technologies, data management and analytics - all part of Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem. The organisation will help customers not only establish a clear vision for digital transformation, but also execute with confidence and realise measurable results at each step of their journey.

“In a space inundated by confusing promises, Emerson helps customers define and execute a practical and successful path to digital transformation,” said Lal Karsanbhai, executive president of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “With our new Digital Transformation business, we are strategically focused on guiding customers to the right strategy, helping them drive improved organisational alignment, and implementing programmes that accelerate improved business performance.”


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“The industry is at a critical point in the digital transformation journey,” said Stuart Harris, group president for Emerson’s new Digital Transformation business. “Many companies have a vision but struggle to implement practical solutions that deliver results and therefore they are getting frustrated. Other companies are solving specific problems, but not realising value at scale across the enterprise. Emerson has the technology to provide practical solutions, and the experience to define the best practices and roadmap to help make a broad operational impact.”

Emerson’s new Digital Transformation business brings together existing and new Emerson resources, including:

● Operational Certainty Consulting: facility and enterprise-level roadmap strategies and implementation to improve reliability, safety, production and energy utilisation metrics
● Operational Analytics: the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of predictive diagnostics and advanced analytics, providing insights on health and performance of operational assets
● Industry Solutions: deep, industry-specific expertise on solutions to drive key performance indicators
● Pervasive Sensing: the industry’s largest portfolio of smart, easy-to-deploy, connected devices, including wireless instruments
● Project Management: best practices, tools and resources to implement a digital transformation project with confidence.


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