Limble: State of Manufacturing & Facilities Maintenance

Limble CMMS CEO Bryan Christiansen discusses the 'State of Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance Report' & what it means for the future of the industry

Limble CMMS has released its new ‘State of Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance Report’. In it, manufacturing and facility maintenance professionals discuss the top challenges they face in their roles, from data collection to managing downtime.


How manufacturers are addressing issues in modern manufacturing

Limble CMMS is an information technology service founded in 2015 and headquartered in Lehi, Utah. The company helps others to organise, automate and streamline their maintenance, helping them to manage planned and unplanned maintenance work, as well as automate work requesting and scheduling.

Some key stats from the report include:

  • 91% of manufacturing professionals said they are shoring up their data collection and analysis capabilities. Machine sensors and IoT technology are important tools for the consistent and accurate data collection needed to leverage advanced technologies
  • 51% of respondents chose excessive downtime, ageing infrastructure or workforce issues as one of their top three current challenges
  • 78% of respondents say they are supporting preventive maintenance initiatives
  • 55% of respondents said that they are focusing on recruitment and retention
  • In order to do this, 52% want to increase pay and benefits for workers
  • The top two ways in which manufacturers are addressing the issue of ageing infrastructure are proactive maintenance (72%) and investing in new equipment (69%)
  • 69% of manufacturing and facility maintenance professionals said they are focused on diversifying suppliers to address challenges within their supply chain.

Manufacturing challenges and the role of CMMS in mitigating workforce shortages

Bryan Christiansen, Limble’s CMMS’ CEO, discussed the report's results with Manufacturing Digital

“Limble’s survey suggests that equipment downtime, workforce shortages and ageing infrastructure remain top challenges for manufacturing organisations,” he said. “While we hear a lot of buzz around advanced technologies like AI, when it comes to addressing downtime and infrastructure challenges, nearly 70% of manufacturers are focused on evolving their maintenance strategies to more proactive and preventive approaches.”

The survey shows most manufacturing companies are investing in compensation and recruitment efforts. At the same time, the survey also found that respondents who are currently leveraging CMMS technology are less likely to identify workforce shortages as a key challenge. 

“This suggests that the efficiencies these systems provide may actually help to reduce workforce challenges for manufacturing companies,” adds Christiansen. “The adoption of CMMS, EAM, and other advanced technologies is expected to grow over the next year due to the benefits they provide to address broad challenges.”

Christiansen previously spoke with Manufacturing Digital to discuss how smart manufacturing can impact health and safety standards across the manufacturing sector.

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