Rolls-Royce aerospace engineering digital transformation

By Georgia Wilson
Rolls-Royce partners with Infosys to digitally transform its aerospace engineering operations in India...

In an announcement made by Rolls-Royce, the company reports its latest strategic partnership with Infosys to digitally transform its aerospace engineering operations in India. The partnership will include sourcing engineering and research and development (R&D) services for Rolls-Royce’s Civil Aerospace business.

As part of the partnership, Rolls-Royce will be transitioning a significant amount of its engineering centre capabilities for Civil Aerospace to Infosys. Rolls-Royce will leverage the company’s expertise in core engineering services, digital transformation capabilities, and Rolls-Royce product knowledge acquired through the partnership, Infosys will provide a full range of high-end engineering and R&D services integrated with advanced digital service to Rolls-Royce.

“India has grown to become a key contributor to the Rolls-Royce global engineering ecosystem, delivering high levels of technical capability to support a broad range of complex business demands. Our vision is to continue this high capability engineering work in India, in partnership with Infosys. Infosys has been a valued partner to Rolls-Royce for many years, and we now look forward to building on this strategic partnership to secure the full range of our engineering capabilities here, while ensuring future growth potential for our engineering talent. We are committed to India and remain positive about the long-term prospects in this market,” commented Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls-Royce India & South Asia.

“We have always believed it is important to integrate the physical knowledge of a product with digital capabilities like Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, and predictive analytics. The Rolls-Royce engineering team at Bengaluru has been at the forefront of these innovations, and we are delighted to welcome them to Infosys. We have had a long and fruitful association with Rolls-Royce and are looking forward to supporting the company in addressing Civil Aerospace industry challenges. We are confident that this excellent talent will be a great addition to Infosys’ deep experience in turbomachinery. We look forward to continuing to deliver industry leading solutions to our clients in the aerospace and defence sectors and beyond, while providing a great career path to our new colleagues within a rapidly growing ecosystem,” added Jasmeet Singh, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Manufacturing, Infosys.

Rolls-Royces multidisciplinary engineering centre in Bengaluru has been an integral part of its engineering and R&D services, covering a range of capabilities spanning the full range of sub-functions and specialisms in R&D. Going forward the two organisations will continue to partner on complex engineering activities in India.

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