Suresence Technologies sign OEM deal with Hitachi

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Suresense Technologies, the British manufacturer of energy saving technology for AC motors has signed an OEM agreement with Hitachi Power Solutions Ltd...

Suresense Technologies, the British manufacturer of energy saving technology for AC motors has signed an OEM agreement with Hitachi Power Solutions Ltd, Japan.

The agreement licences Hitachi to market Suresense soft-starter motor controller under their Prohestar range to their clients globally.

Mr Niizuma, Senior Engineer, Hitachi Power Solutions Ltd, said: “The relationship between Hitachi and Suresense will give us a great opportunity to enter the energy saving market with a new yet well respected product.

“Suresense will share their comprehensive understanding of the international motor controller market to aid Hitachi and their global customer base.” 

The original agreement is for five years. Suresense will be responsible for manufacturing the Prohestar range for Hitachi and will benefit from the credibility and new markets that Hitachi will introduce to them.

Ian Hambly, Managing Director, Suresense Technologies, said: “Hitachi is one of the leading engineering companies in the world included in the Fortune 500, and one that is synonymous with high quality and high performance products.

“The testing and indeed development of our technology incorporated within the Prohestar range is a fantastic endorsement of our technology and our value proposition.”

With around 45% of the world’s energy consumed by AC motors, this technology plays a big part in the global goal drive for energy reduction. Analysis from the IEA member countries found that between 1974 and 2010 energy efficiency helped limit the growth of energy consumption to just 20% from 1974 levels.

Without energy efficiency improvements and technologies energy consumption would have reached 93%. That is why reserving energy use is so high in the global business agenda and such a lucrative industry to work in.

The technology from Suresense reduces energy consumption for fixed speed AC motors that operate under variable load conditions, it also extends the lifetime of the motor through heat reduction that is known to be the biggest destroyer of motors.  This not only helps business to reduce costs, but it does help increase productivity as well as reducing the demand on energy sources globally. 

Mr Niizuma continued: “Suresense will help Hitachi to increase its global sales of motor controllers because of its highly innovative power saving function. That is important for us moving forward because of the global demand for energy saving devices.”

Suresense designed the soft-starter to benefit specific industries and applications such as; mining, plastics, automotive and manufacturing generally.


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