Who is German Drinks Manufacturer, Veltins Brewery?

Manufacturing Global takes a look at German brewery, Veltins Brewery

Veltins Brewery in Brief

Founded: 1824

Headquarters: Meschede, Germany

CEO: Susanne Veltins

Website: Veltins Brewery

Founded in 1824, Veltins Brewery has been run by the Veltins family for five generations. The brewery’s operations are rooted in a passion for artisanal brewing, innovation, investment, entrepreneurial vision, and corporate culture, characterised by team spirit and high-quality standards. 

In strict accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516, Veltins Brewery for over190 years has used the highest quality ingredients - malt, hops, yeast, and purest spring water - for its products.


Clemens Veltins, His Sons and Grandson

With a passion to search for the perfect beer, young Clemens went on a six-year pilgrimage of learning and travelling. Upon his return, he took over a small country brewery, where the region’s uniquely soft water allowed him to produce a ‘wonderful beer’.


In 1905, Clemens sons Carl and Anton managed the factory, with Carl’s son (also named Carl) took over in the early 1920’s as his successor. It was then that the name C. & A. Veltins was born, and technical development progressed - refrigeration systems, electric lighting , and a power system.


Carl Veltins Jr. 

Under Carl Veltins Jr., the brewery made the decision to exclusively produce beer in accordance with the Pilsener brewing method at the time. During his time the company purchased the first hand-operated bottle filling machine, an artificial ice machine in 1951, establishing and expanding the brewery’s fleet, and opening another spring to secure water supply.


Rosemarie Veltins

Under Rosemarie Veltins, the brewery produced an annual output of 1.013 million hectolitres of fresh Veltins for the first time in 1984, marking a key milestone on its journey to becoming one of the largest breweries in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Susanne Veltins

Today, Susanne Veltins manages the Veltins Brewery. As the great-great-granddaughter of Clemens, she drives the innovative strength of the brand, growing the brand into a dynamic premium brewery with a family character. 

The Brewery continues to grow, sponsoring regional and international sports to increase the recognition of its name. 


Driving Sustainable Electrification at Veltins Brewery

As one of Germany’s largest Breweries, Veltins Brewery has set its ambitions to become one of the most modern and sustainable breweries in Germany by the time it celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2024.

Working with Siemens Smart Infrastructure, the company will be supplying Veltins Brewery with the technology to ensure the sustainable energy supply for its new bottling plant at its headquarters; expected to begin operations in 2022.


A key solution provided by Siemens is the new 8DJH 12 blue GIS fluorine gas-free medium-voltage switchgear. The solution completely eliminates the greenhouse gas sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and other fluorine gases. 

The switchgear uses climate-neutral clean air insulation gas consisting of exclusively natural components of ambient air. It is also supplemented by low-voltage technology with digital measurement and communication functions for safe and efficient distribution. 

“By opting for environmentally friendly, fluorine gas-free switchgear from Siemens we are extending our sustainability principle to the field of energy supply. This not only guarantees a reliable supply of energy for our new building and bottling plant but also reduces our carbon footprint and protects the environment,” said Peter Peschmann, technical director at C. & A. Veltins.

“With our blue GIS switchgear, the customer benefits from both cost-effectiveness and excellent environmental compatibility. We take advantage of gas-insulated switchgear technology, but no longer use fluorine gases. Instead, we use Clean Air, a climate-neutral insulating gas,” added said Stephan May, CEO of the Distribution Systems Business Unit at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.


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