Colgate’s 40-year veteran who’s just getting started

How Colgate-Palmolive’s veteran Chief Supply Chain Officer Mike Corbo draws on long experience to cope with global disruption and uncertainty

When Colgate-Palmolive Chief Supply Chain Officer Mike Corbo first joined the company in 1982 the world was a very different place. A gallon of petrol cost 34 pence in the UK, and Ronald Reagan had been in the Oval Office for just a year. 

In the intervening four decades, Corbo has worked his way around the world, excelling in a host of manufacturing and supply chain roles.

Corbo says the main supply chain challenges today are “the magnitude and the frequency of disruptions”. 

He adds: “They're not planned, and come frequently, without warning. How quickly we can rebound and continue to supply is really our daily challenge.”

Looking to the future, he says: “We want to be an innovative growth company, but to do that, we need to invest and focus on our people. We have to make sure the people have the competencies, the capabilities, and the resources to thrive and help us achieve our goal of growth and innovation.”


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