PTC's Role in IoT Evolution and Digital Thread Integration

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James Zhang, VP of Market Development at PTC, Discusses Partnering with Microsoft, Improving Operational Excellence and Increasing Workforce Productivity

In a factory, the best way to improve efficiency is to find and remove the bottlenecks and make the slowest parts move faster. That's what PTC does – identifies and solves the bottlenecks and empowers front line workers. An industrial digital transformation leader, PTC helps manufacturers to better design, make and serve their product.

“PTC means power to create,” says James Zhang, the company’s VP of Market Development. “We have the software to help customers manage the necessary requirements, what PTC calls ARM application lifecycle management solution.”

When building a car, you start with the design – where there's maybe 5,000 components and millions of lines of code. Car manufacturers design these parts and engineers manage the software, before they all manage it together in the design stage. There's so many different configurations that things can get lost, causing expensive delays. PTC manages the variations and configurations, monitoring not only the engineering side, but the whole product lifecycle. PTC understands manufacturers need to collaborate with their suppliers to bring the right amount of the right part, at the right time.

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