Hexagon’s Report Uncovers Data Problems for Manufacturers

Josh Weiss, President of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, discusses the results of Hexagon’s Advanced Manufacturing Report

A new report from Hexagon reveals that persistent data challenges block innovation and prevent the roll-out of advanced manufacturing technologies. Over 500 manufacturing leaders were surveyed for the Advanced Manufacturing Report, in a report led by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Hexagon. Results overwhelmingly show that manufacturers who do not have their data in order, put themselves at risk of being left far behind the rest of the industry. 

Read the full Advanced Manufacturing Report here

Manufacturing business leaders discuss increasing collaboration & reducing waste

Manufacturing leaders from across North America, Asia and Europe were surveyed, 24% of whom were C-level executives. A sample of the results shows: 

  • Problems with data management contribute to 97% of manufacturing challenges.
  • Manufacturing business leaders say better collaboration can improve product quality (88%) and time to market (86%).
  • 82% of respondents say better communication between design and manufacturing teams can significantly reduce material waste and emissions. 
  • However, 71% of business leaders are concerned about the lack of synergy between their design and manufacturing teams. 
  • 58% of Asian manufacturers hope to invest in AI and automation over the next three years, compared to 45% in North America and 38% in EMEA.

Manufacturers’ ability to apply new technologies

Josh Weiss, President of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, told us more. 

“Boardroom talk is split between seizing potential and improving sustainability on the one hand, and cost control and survival on the other,” he said. “Tech companies are making future cars, startups are making future aircraft – their ‘greenfield’ approach to innovation uses data to explore new vehicle architectures, or refining new manufacturing processes like additive manufacturing or giga-casting quickly in digital reality before they build plants.

“Future success depends on manufacturers’ ability to apply new technologies, and those that democratise high quality data and collaboration technologies empower their teams to solve problems across departments and make better products using better processes. Our research found that the same companies that have achieved a high automation maturity are also helping staff enhance collaboration and optimise their workflows, which will make it hard for companies with rigid and siloed processes to keep up.”​​​​​​​

Hexagon’s Aziz Tahiri, Vice President for Global Aerospace & Defence at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, recently spoke with Manufacturing Digital to discuss the role of AI and automation in solving the aerospace manufacturing skills gap.

“There are several emerging smart manufacturing technologies that will play a pivotal role in helping the industry to bridge the skills gap and evolve to deliver the rapid innovation required,” he says.

Read the full interview here.


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