Dexory is transforming logistics with real time data & AI

Oana Jinga, CCO of Dexory, is leading women in technology & robotics with mentorship programmes, as the company revolutionises logistics

In a world that is constantly upgrading, the logistics sector is busy managing torrents of data and adapting to new methods of working that save workers time and help ensure their safety. 

Autonomous robots are one such method. These tools can operate with high precision, collect data in real-time and use AI to generate insights using that data. Such insights empower logistics companies to make informed decisions and identify inefficiencies in their supply chain and one company is helping to revolutionise logistics and warehousing to become more efficient and profitable.

Dexory is a data analytics and robotics company based in London. Its technology provides detailed insights to top logistics companies in the world such as Maersk, Denso and Menzies, to name a few. Dexory helps them to measure, track and locate goods, all in real time, across vast warehouses without any workflow disruption. The company has developed advanced intelligent systems that empower organisations to manage and monitor their supply chains, reduce costs and streamline the logistics process as a whole.

In 2015, Oana Jinga co-founded the company, alongside CEO Andrei Danescu and CTO Adrian Negoita. As the Chief Commercial Officer of Dexory, Jinga leads on sales, marketing, and partnerships, as well as investor relations with her co-founders. 

“One summer, over a barbecue, my housemates (now co-founders) and I were having a conversation about wanting to find a way to keep a better eye on our house while we were away. We started playing with the idea of creating a camera on wheels that monitored indoor spaces autonomously. We all decided to take the plunge and turn our passion for robotics and technology into a career path and our business together.”

Jinga is originally from Romania and moved to the UK in 2009 to study Public Relations and Creative Industries at King’s College London. After completing her education, she worked at Telefonica and Google. 

“Not long after I completed the Telefonica Leadership programme, I was headhunted by Google to manage strategic partnerships across EMEA.” 

Jinga spent over six years at the company and had the opportunity to work across different regions. 

“This experience has been quite valuable for my current role as CCO at Dexory, where I work with a diverse range of clients and partners, leading all sales, marketing and partnerships. I was part of the team that helped launch some of the company's most innovative products like Google Pixel phones, Google Home and Nest products.”

Autonomous mobile robots 

Dexory’s autonomous mobile robots take on a variety of tasks, such as lifting heavy loads and performing time-consuming tasks that are often avoided by staff and managers. Although robots help save time in logistics, 300,000 new logistic-related jobs are created each year.

“By relieving manufactures of these duties, our robots allow for a more efficient workflow in warehouse operations,” Jinga explains. 

With continuous inventory monitoring, misplacement errors are minimised and the right stock is always available in the correct locations and at the appropriate time. This results in hundreds of hours saved and increased productivity, enabling teams to focus on the important task of moving goods around. 

In essence, these robots serve as a valuable tool to enhance the capabilities of warehouse staff. Moreover, the robots enable our customers to have full visibility of their stock across different plants. 

“This ensures that all necessary parts are in place to support production lines, without any impact on the manufacturing process or delays,” says Jinga. “In other words, our robots facilitate just-in-time manufacturing, making the entire process more streamlined and efficient.”

Mentoring women in technology 

Jinga sits at the intersection of three highly male-dominated industries: robotics, tech and logistics. 

“Although it might be challenging at times, I refuse to let the raised eyebrows deter me from my mission. Instead, I remain focused on improving the value that our tech brings to our customers, striving to make it better each day.”

For Jinga, her journey in the technology and robotics world has been an incredible journey so far. 

“There aren’t too many women in robotics, so that posed some challenges, but also opened up exciting opportunities,” she says. “I started my career in PR but was always interested in the technology sector. Through a leadership scheme in O2 Telefonica, I was able to pivot into the tech world. This programme was very competitive, with over 2,500 candidates applying. I was very pleased to have made the cut.”

As a result of her experiences, Jinga has a passion for mentoring and coaching other women in Technology.

“Having come from outside tech myself, I am keen to help other women in the industry too. It can be challenging to balance that with competing priorities, but I have consciously carved out an approach internally at Dexory with our female staff.”

Jinga works closely with them, to try and understand them better – what their needs are, what challenges they may be facing.

“We bounce ideas off each other,” she says. “It is never about telling them what path to follow or what to do and how to do it, but more about finding the answers together with them.”

Externally, Jinga is building mentorship schemes and programmes that she can attend, as there is more to learn. 

“This also really helps me understand things from a mentee’s perspective, which I am able to apply to my mentoring role at Dexory. It’s really about managing time efficiently, whether as a mentor or as a mentee. Preparation from both parties can make the entire process very efficient.”

Over the next 12 months, Dexory expects to continue its rapid growth. 

“We were able to double our team last year and have plans to expand further – by another 50% by the end of the year.”

Dexory also has a number of exciting partnerships in the pipeline, which will allow the company to expand its reach even further and bring its technology to new markets, all the while, Jinga will continue in her mentorship work as a mentor and coach for women in technology.


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