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SAP Whitepaper: Advantages of Intelligent Assets

Discover what constitutes an Intelligent Asset, and how they reduce overheads and mitigate disruption in our whitepaper on SAP’s Industry 4.0 strategy

SAP Whitepaper: The Power of Intelligent Products

Explore the benefits to manufacturing efficiency, innovation and customer experience in our whitepaper on SAP’s Industry 4.0 Intelligent Products strategy

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Sonic: Building the First Autonomous Digital Supply Chain

David Ginsberg just completed the electronics industry’s first end-to-end digital supply chain. Now he wants to show other companies how to do it


Dole Sunshine: A Fresh Approach to Indirect Procurement

The digital transformation of Dole Sunshine Company’s indirect procurement promises a more sustainable, visible and profitable value chain

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Naissa von Pein

Director, Global Category Indirect and Procurement Excellence


David Ginsberg

Vice President of Supply Chain

Whitepapers by Rhys Thomas

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SAP Industry 4.0: Blueprint for Efficiency

Industry 4.0 enables enterprises to face supply chain disruptions directly and the new normal for manufacturing and production, says Dominik Metzger

SAP Industry 4.0: Intelligent Factories

Intelligent Factories are meeting the demands of today and defining the future of manufacturing through SAP’s Industry 4.0 initiative

SAP Industry 4.0: Intelligent Assets

Intelligent Assets reduce downtime, increase efficiency and empower employees to secure greater resiliency throughout the supply chain

SAP Industry 4.0: Empowered People

Empowering a business’ most valuable asset, people, is critical to success in Industry 4.0