UK manufacturers are urged to participate in industry study

By Nell Walker
Hennik Research is asking UK manufacturers to participate in its Annual Manufacturing Report, used to gauge the current and future state of the nations...

Hennik Research is asking UK manufacturers to participate in its Annual Manufacturing Report, used to gauge the current and future state of the nation’s industry.

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2016 found the second-highest positive outlook since the report began in 2008, demonstrating the resilience of British manufacturing, despite facing both domestic and international challenges.

How has last year’s shrinkage of the steel industry affected UK manufacturing overall?

How has the uncertainty regarding the referendum on whether the UK remains in the European Union impacted on domestic and foreign investment decisions?

How has the Apprenticeship Levy changed industry perceptions towards training apprentices?

The answers to these questions, and more, is what Hennik Research – part of Hennik Group, publishers of The Manufacturer ­­– is looking to uncover.

For the first time, the Annual Manufacturing Report 2016’s included a section on Servitisation, demonstrating manufacturers' increasing tendency to shift from a purely product-led business model to a more relationship-focussed, services-based model.

Continuing this theme, this year’s report debuts sections on both Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, and the Connected/Smart Factory, reflecting the growing adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies, and 3D printing’s move out of R&D and design labs into the manufacturing mainstream.

This year’s report is separated into eight sections including:

·         Economy, Prospects; Strategy & Risk

·         Finance

·         ICT

·         Skills & Training

·         Automation & Productivity

·         Servitisation & Manufacturing Services

·         Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

·         The Connected/Smart Factory

Each section will take approximately five minutes to complete, and participants can complete as many as they wish.

In order for Hennik Research to draw the most accurate, far-reaching conclusions from the study, the company is urging participants to answer all relevant questions. Once the survey has closed and the response data collated, analysis and conclusions will be drawn by author of the subsequent report, Nick Hussey, CEO of Hennik Group.

With more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, Hussey has also worked with government, spending a year as managing director of Manufacturing Insight – a programme aimed at changing the image of manufacturing. He also holds several non-executive directorships and is a founder member of the IET’s Manufacturing Policy Panel.

To ensure your views are included in the Annual Manufacturing Report 2017, take the survey here

You can download a digital copy of the Annual Manufacturing Report 2016 here

In recognition of participation, all contributors will be sent a hard copy of the published final report, worth £195.


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